Scientific research aims to solve priority fundamental and applied problems, support scientific schools established at the University. In this regard interdepartmental and interschool research teams keep emerging to carry out complex research and development, and to maintain fruitful cooperation with the research institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and field research institutes.

In 2016, the University participated in 83 research projects supported from the general state budget fund, of which 62 were fundamental research and 21 — applied, including three conducted by young scientists. Five research projects were about preservation of objects constituting national heritage, 39 were commercial-contractual, one — executed within the grant of the State Foundation for Fundamental Research, two — within Horizon–2020.

The Foundation for Development and Upgrade of Educational and Research Equipment funded 27 works amounting to 2,000,000 UAH in 2016 (in 2015 — 1,000,000 UAH). Moreover, in 2016, the University purchased research equipment at a cost of 1,500,000 UAH. It is worth pointing out that the foundation for the funding of scientific research rests majorly on the general state budget fund. The University also conducts research at the expense of extra-budgetary funds. Thus, the total of the extra-budgetary funding for research projects in 2016 constituted over 12,000,000 UAH, most of which accounts for the funding of works executed within international grants and programs.

Five University objects are on the list of scientific objects constituting national heritage of Ukraine. The total of funds allocated to maintain these objects is 905,390 UAH. In 2016, the University’s scientists published 76 monographs (14 of them abroad), 33 issues of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University Bulletin, 42 compendia of scientific papers, 4,492 articles and abstracts of reports, 1,002 of which — in foreign journals (408 of them are indexed in Scopus, as of December 5, 2016), received 32 patents to 18 of which the University possesses the property rights, submitted 28 claims for inventions. Karazin University holds the II place among Ukraine’s universities by the Scopus indices: scoring 57 by Hirsch index, 8,077 — by the number of publications, and 35,148 — by the number of citations. In 2016 Karazin University held and hosted 152 scientific conferences, 69 of which were international.

In 2016, the University faculty defended nine doctoral and 71 PhD theses.