About projects

The “Strategy for Harmonization of Public Administration of the EU and Eastern Partnership Countries”, signed by 28 European countries, including Ukraine, envisages the development of a single educational space of the EU and Eastern Partnership countries. This pan-European strategy also provides for the implementation of international student exchange programs (ISEP) and double degree programs (DDP) between the largest Ukrainian and leading EU universities.

The mobility of students and faculty is one of the basic principles of modern European education. Studying, internships and research abroad enrich a person’s individual experience, give the opportunity to learn more about other models of knowledge creation and dissemination, expand the network of contacts and communication, deepen knowledge of foreign languages. The EU established a number of special academic programs to ensure educational mobility.

V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University is an active participant in this international process. Almost 1,000 students studying at the University have participated in international student exchange programs (according to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine).