August 30, 2020

A Message from University President Vil Bakirov to Students

Dear students of Karazin University!

On September 1, the new academic year 2020/2021 is to start for the students of the second, third, and fourth year of bachelor’s programs (second-sixth years of medical programs) and for the second-year students of master’s programs.

Classes with freshmen will begin after the end of admission on September 28, 2020. For them, we plan to hold introductory meetings in small groups during September, where they will have the opportunity to meet with representatives of the administration, student self-government, faculty, group curators and, of course, with one another.

Thank you for the great work we all have done in the spring semester, mastering distance learning technologies under quarantine conditions. We have preserved the educational process, fulfilled all the requirements of the curriculum, ensured the successful conduct of the exam session and the graduation of bachelors and masters. Unfortunately, the COVID–19 pandemic continues and Kharkiv region is in the "orange" quarantine zone with all its restrictions for educational institutions. Classroom and laboratory classes can be conducted with no more than 20 students in a group. It is necessary to carefully follow social distancing, avoid crowding indoors, use personal protective equipment, seek immediate medical attention in case of signs of illness, and so on. The University issued the order “On anti-epidemic measures at the University during quarantine due to the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID–19)”, which provides the necessary measures to combat the spread of coronavirus. The order is presented on the University website and should be read carefully. Our main common task is to minimize the risks of the disease, to reliably protect the health of students, faculty and staff.

Due to the quarantine, the educational process will take place in a “mixed format” (see the order of the University No 0202-1/260 of August, 7, 2020 “On the organization of the educational process in the first semester of the academic year 2020/2021)”. Lectures, seminars, practical classes will be held mainly on-line, according to the schedule. Part of the classes will be held in classrooms with all quarantine warnings. Before classes on each course on the websites of Schools / institutes and departments, instructors publish a set of methodological documents (working programs of disciplines, lecture annotations, conditions of current and semester control, evaluation criteria, etc., web-services) which must be read and used under training time. The choice of online platforms is up to the instructor. Some of them, such as Google Meet, require students to have a corporate university email address ( It can be obtained (for those who do not have it) with the help of dean’s offices.

We ask you to get acquainted with the schedule of classes, check the availability of e-mail addresses that will allow you to connect to on-line lectures and seminars. All the necessary information on the organization of the educational process can be obtained from the dean's offices, curators of academic groups, instructors of courses. The University website contains e-mails and telephone numbers where you can contact the relevant departments and employees; in order to respond quickly to changes in the disease situation, an operational headquarters has been established.

Certainly, the “mixed format” of education requires from faculty and students much more concentration, additional intellectual effort. At the same time, it is an opportunity to master modern information and computer technologies of professional communication, i. e. competences that are extremely necessary in the information society.

Karazin University is starting its 216th academic year under difficult, extraordinary conditions. But the high qualification and experience of Karazin University faculty, motivation and young creative energy of students will help to overcome all difficulties and inconveniences, make this academic year fruitful and successful. As soon as circumstances allow, we will be happy to return to the usual communication and learning.

Happy new academic year!

With respect,
Academician Vil Bakirov
University President

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