December 7, 2021

Graduate Natalia Chepiha — Winner of the 2021 Minerva Prize

This year, the winner of the Minerva Prize is a 2013 graduate of the Education and Research Institute "School of Physics and Technology" Natalia Chepiha.

She brilliantly defended her thesis in 2017 at the École Polytechnique in Lausanne and currently works at the Institute of Nanophysics in Kavli.

The Minerva Prize is awarded to outstanding young women in the Netherlands who achieve scientific success in any field of physics, taking into account both experimental and theoretical scientific and physical research.

Natalia Chepiha is an expert in computational multiparticle quantum physics. She develops new algorithms and numerically solves quantum problems of many particles that cannot be processed analytically or using the mean field approximation. One of her new algorithms enabled her to solve some of these problems.