Upcoming Events

November 10, 2019

Karazin University Open House Day

Karazin University is pleased to invite everyone interested to attend its traditional Open House Day to be held on November 10, 2019.

Within the framework of the event, the University administration, deans and representatives of the Admissions Committee are to meet with applicants and their parents. Applicants will receive all the necessary information about curricula, schools’ activities, and the details of the Admissions Campaign.

Contact Information

Phone: +380 (57) 707-52-70 — Center for Pre-University Education

For more information on admission to the University, please visit Karazin University Admissions website.

Karazin University Open House Day
November 10, 2019
School Seminar "New Approaches to Learning Foreign Languages: Improving Education Quality — A Way to Shape Intellectual Capital"
November 6, 2019
University Academic Board Meeting
October 28, 2019
Meeting with Hero of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhemchuhov
October 24, 2019
First-Year Students' Creativity Contest Alma Mater 2019
October 21 through November 14, 2019
Interactive Seminar on Methods of Teaching Subjects in English and Academic Writing
October 21, 2019
Italian Language Week in the World "Italian Language on Stage - Masks, Music, Body"
October 18, 2019
Scientific and Educational Project Intellect Networking: Lecture "Deterministic Chaos in Dynamical Systems"
October 16, 2019
General Physics Seminar "Problems of Modern Physics"
October 11, 2019
Thematic Exhibition “For Your Freedom and Ours 1968–2018”
October 11, 2019
Donor Day at Karazin University
October 9, 2019
Karazin Leadership School: Meeting with Artem Kliuchnikov, Director of the Analytical Center for Leadership Research and Development
October 8, 2019
Open Lecture “Future of Journalism in the Age of Social Networking”
October 3, 2019
Forum “Cities of Solidarity: Long-Term Housing Solutions for IDPs
October 3, 2019