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Social and Humanitarian Research Institute as a structural department of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University was founded by the decision of the Academic Council of the University on April 29, 2008.

The Institute aims at elaboration and execution of researches that are topical for the development of science and education in Ukraine. Research results are used to solve scientific and social problems in the society, provide educational activities at the University, and improve professional level of young specialists and highly qualified scientific staff.

Structural units of the Institute are:

  • Department of Applied Sociology;
  • Department of Applied Psychology;
  • Department of Legal Studies;
  • Department of Education Issues.

The Institute activity is carried out in different directions. The Institute is the co-executor of the following research projects:

1. The University monitoring «Teaching in students’ eyes» since February, 2003 has become the main form of control of the quality of teaching at the University. The monitoring is being carried out within the framework of the University Development Program for 2010–2020. Until now twenty large-scale surveys of students have already been conducted. Survey is conducted twice a year — at the beginning of each new semester — and involves students of all faculties of 1–4 years of study. Students are to evaluate those tutors who read courses in the previous semester and took tests and exams. Substantial blocks of the questionnaire contains questions related both to the activities of the tutor and the organization of the educational process. Almost on every step of the monitoring, together with the evaluation of the actual quality of teaching, students’ attitudes to the urgent problems of the University life are studied. Thus, the staff of the Institute has experience in study of communication features of the educational process, the state of computer training at the University, students’ readiness for teaching activities, sustainability of professional choices and employment prospects of future graduates, students’ attitudes to innovations of Bologna process and various forms of control etc. The results of each stage of the research are reported twice a year at the meetings of the University administration by the supervisor of the monitoring (Prof. A. M. Nikolayevska). The survey data is regularly discussed by methodological commissions of the faculties and analyzed by the staff of the teaching center of the University in order to develop further recommendations to improve quality of teaching. Data concerning particular teachers are out of public access, it is analyzed only by the tutor himself and the dean of the corresponding faculty. If necessary, these data can be addressed to the rector and vice-rector or heads of departments for academic affairs.

2. Survey of the 1, 3 and 5 year students. Since autumn 2011 the Institute together with the School of Sociology of the University has been implementing the study of the University students’ (of 1, 3 and 5 year of study) opinions on various aspects of the University life. In particular, within the survey were studied: value orientations and tolerance level of the students; common leisure practices; foreign language skills; involvement in traveling to foreign countries; Internet and social networks usage; satisfaction with the study at the University; preparation for lessons and difficulties with study at the University; evaluation of the conditions for study at the University; student self-government and its authorities according to the students' opinion; the students’ inhabitancy in Kharkov; evaluations of accommodation conditions in the University dormitories; students’ health and bad habits; life plans and professional plans for the future etc.

3. The University Website in Students' Evaluations: Advantages, Disadvantages and Ways of Optimization. In spring, 2013 the team of Social and Humanitarian Research Institute has implemented the study of the 1-4 year students' opinions regarding the website of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, as well as the University faculties websites. The goal of the research was to identify how often students attend the University and faculties websites, the level of their satisfaction with these websites, their structure, content, and the problems that students see in the work of these websites.

4. Study of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University foreign students.In 2009–2010 the team of Social and Humanitarian Research Institute implemented sociological research “The foreign students of the University”. Within the project the living and study conditions of foreign students in Kharkiv and Ukraine were studied. The sample amounted 944 persons, the method of data collection was questioning. Within the project the following items were studied: motivation of study at the University; information sources about V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University; place of residence of the foreign students (dormitory, private residential area, rental housing); evaluation of the living conditions in dormitories; attitude towards living together with the students of other nationalities; reasons for refusal staying at the dormitory of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University; evaluation of conditions for studying in the University; evaluation of the University lecturers; problems related to the Ukrainian and Russian language of study; ways of improvement of conditions for study at the University; appeal to foreign students department of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University; plans for the future; material conditions of life in Ukraine; the challenges faced by foreign students in Ukraine; communication between foreign students and other social groups; attitudes of people of different nationalities towards foreign students; threats of personal and property security; foreign students' leisure; moods of foreign students.

5. High School in Ukraine: Monitoring of Legal Mechanisms of Functioning (2012–2013 рр.). The project is being implemented by East-Ukrainian Foundation for Social Research in cooperation with the faculty of law of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University and is supported by the International Renaissance Foundation. Within the framework of the project a comprehensive survey will be conducted. The survey is aimed at identification of typical of rights of participants of the educational process, their level of awareness of their rights and responsibilities, as well as their level of readiness to defend their rights. Reference groups of the study are presented by Ukrainian students, university teachers and experts (representatives of education authorities, members of university administration, lawyers, educators, representatives of human rights organizations). Also within the project a database of typical rights violations of the participants of the educational process will be created and free access to it will be organized. The main result of the project will be publication of scientific and practical handbook describing the most common human rights violations and pointing out specific practical actions to protect the rights of participants of the educational process and to solve the conflicts in legal way.

6. Teaching History at School: on the Way to Tolerance (2010–2011 рр.). The project was implemented together with the team of East-Ukrainian Foundation for Social Research and historical faculty of V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University and supported by the International Renaissance Foundation. Within the project a national study of content of history education in Ukraine was conducted. The main goal of the study was to collect information about the process of teaching Ukrainian and World history at schools and what is particularly taught regarding cultural, ethnic and gender tolerance, the ability to have a constructive dialogue, analyze historical events.

The team of Social and Humanitarian Research Institute also together with the team of East-Ukrainian Foundation for Social Research took part in the implementation of the following projects:

The Institute cooperates closely with the School of Sociology of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. Together with professors of psychology, sociology and law in October 2011 the Institute organized and conducted a seminar for senior students «Employment in students’ eyes». The Institute is a base for students industrial practice.

Address: 61022, Kharkiv, Svobody square, 6, 1st stage

Tel: +38 057 707-55-55

  • Director of the Institute
    PhD (Sociology), Full professor
    Oleksandr I. Kizilov
    Phone: +38 057 707 53 32
  • Deputy Director, Head of Department of Educational Issues
    PhD in Sociology, Associate professor
    Alla M. Nikolayevskaya
    Phone: +38 057 707 55 55
  • Head of Department of Applied Sociology
    PhD in Psychology, Associate professor
    Olena L. Lutsenko
    Phone: +38 057 707 51 70
  • Senoir Engineer
    PhD in Sociology
    Svitlana V. Sadrytska
    Phone: +38 057 707 55 55
  • Senoir Engineer
    Olga M. Filatova
    Phone: +38 057 707 55 55