Center for Web Communications

The Center for Web Communications is in charge of representing the University on the Internet, shaping the University system policy in matters related to web communications in education, research, information activities of the University.

The Center for Web Communications is responsible for exercising the following main functions:

  • to promptly spread up-to-date information about the University on the Internet using the University website, web resources of its structural subdivisions, social networks;
  • to maintain the University website functionality, to coordinate work on its content management;
  • to create new content for the University website;
  • to develop and introduce standards for work with the University web resources; to design and implement long-term and running programs for web communications development at the University;
  • to control the work of the web resources representing the University and its structural subdivisions on the Internet; to monitor and coordinate the work of websites of the University structural subdivisions; to make an expert examination of web resources of the structural subdivisions; to authorize their implementation, maintenance or reconstruction; to work out recommendations as to their adjustment to meet the requirements set forth in the University standards;
  • to hold trainings on use of web resources in educational process organization, research and information activities for the faculty and staff of the University structural subdivisions; to assist in organizing the educational and scientific processes at the University by means of web communications;
  • to carry out innovative projects in the field of web communications.

Address: room 700, 6, Svobody Sq.
Tel./Fax: (057) 707-52-60

  • Head of the Department
    PhD (Politology)
    Kateryna H. Yatsura

    Phone: (057) 707-52-60
    Address: Svobody sq., 6, Kharkov, 61022
    Office: 702
    Fax: (057) 707-52-60