The Center for Public Relations is a structural division of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University.

Its goal is to establish and maintain an effective system of the University’s brand communications with the target groups of the internal and outside communities. The Center is called to consolidate the University community around the idea of Karazin University, solidify its image in the public consciousness as that of a world-class university, widely promote it in Ukraine and internationally, win over the loyalty to the University brand among the applicants and their parents, employers and business representatives, governmental and local authorities, national and international partners.

The Center’s main tasks are:

  • to shape and maintain the University’s brand in the public mind,
  • to support and develop the positive image of Karazin University,
  • to ensure strategic planning, effective and long-term communication between the University and the target groups of the public by using various communication tools (media and public relations, advertising, web-communications, etc.),
  • to work out and implement communication strategies of the University (advertising, information, PR-campaigns) to spotlight its unique advantages and achievements,
  • to introduce and maintain the corporate style in the University’s activities,
  • to develop the existing system of communication channels, create and further new opportunities for effective communications,
  • to enhance the tools and channels to inform the outside community of the results of the University’s activities, its achievements and advantages,
  • to support and enhance the internal communications, sharpen practices of the University’s in-house culture, quickly and effectively inform the University faculty, staff and students of the activity of the Administration and structural divisions.

  • Director
    PhD (Political Sciense)
    Maksym A. Folomieiev

    Phone: (057) 707-52-60
    Address: Svobody sq., 6, Kharkov, 61022
    Office: 701
  • Deputy director
    Anna Horadze

    Address: Svobody sq., 6, Kharkov, 61022
    Office: 703