The University Media Studio

The University Media Studio is a structural subdivision of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. The activities of the University Media Studio aim at creating technological facilities for training highly-skilled professionals equipped with the state-of-the-art knowledge in the field of social communications and new media. The University Media Studio works closely with the University academic subdivisions providing Bachelor's and Master's programs in 061 “Journalism” (educational and professional programs “Journalism”, “Media Communications and Public Relations”, “Media Communications”) and 054 “Sociology” (educational and professional program “Social Communications, Advertising and PR”). The University Media Studio provides an opportunity for students of all specialties to realize their creative ideas and create media projects.

The practical aim of the University Media Studio is to create and develop the University’s media projects for various audiences and target groups, with the participation of the Schools’ student media groups and the University structural subdivisions. It will provide an opportunity to form a dense information and communication space for the University’s brand among the broad population of Ukraine and outside.

The main tasks of the University Media Studio are the following:

  • providing training and production opportunities to prepare specialists in the field of mass communications and media (developing skills for carrying out a full cycle of video and audio production).
  • providing information support for the general strategy and tactics of developing a communicatively effective University’s brand, ensuring its fullest and long-term presence in the formed information and media space;
  • creating the University’s media content in order to attract applicants, promoting the University in the academic environment;
  • ensuring effective and long-term communication of the University with target audiences using various audiovisual contents;
  • creating the University’s image media projects;
  • developing video content on promoting the University, improving its image, supporting and developing the University’s brand;
  • providing media content during the University’s advertising campaigns;
  • creating content for the University video channel based on video hosting and social media possibilities;
  • creating and developing the University internet radio.

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