Unikort Tennis Club

Web site: http://www.unicourt.com.ua/

University tennis club "Unicourt" has 13 outdoor courts with soil and hard surfaces, tennis palace, which includes six tennis courts (2 of which are covered with Deco Ture), a gym, training area for practicing techniques and physical training sessions. The club has 100-meter-length walls for training. On the basis of the club there is a specialized Youth Olympic Reserve School, which brought up about 30 Masters of sports and 2 World-class athletes. Among them are the names of D. Kostin, Ye. Burich, D. Ponomar, D. Muzika, M. Shoshyn, who were champions and prize-winners of the USSR championships. The champion of Ukraine – the Master of sports M. Kornil, prize-winners - D. Zadorozhnyy, Ye. Petrenko, Ye. Vasylieva. Ya. Kharlashyna., E. Hlukhov, M. Dolzhenko, R. Cherednychenko, S. Rudenko, T. Volkova, N. Smyrnova, A. Tkachov were in junior national teams of Ukraine. The destinguished sportsman of the club – Dmytro Polyakov, the last champion of the USSR, the winner of the "Grand Prix" tournament. T. Perebyynis – the best tennis player in Ukraine, won the title of Wimbledon champion in timing and was the finalist in the junior singles and finalist in singles at US OPEN. T. Perebyynis won several professional WTA women's tournaments.

The athletes are trained by experienced coaches such as S. A Sitkovskyi, I. Yu. Prudkin. The team, led by the Honoured Coach of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine Valery L. Burka. The President of the club - Honored Master of Sports, two-time Olympic champion, Honored Citizen – Yuriy Poyarkov.

"Unicourt" maintains close relations with tennis clubs of Great Britain, Israel, Belgium, Germany and other countries. The club has a large hall with satellite TV and our museum exhibits; photo- and video information about the life of the club over the past 15 years.

Various tournaments, like the traditional ETA international youth tournaments take place at "Unicourt": "M. O. Chernytska Memorial”, «Wilson Cup», and also competitions "Memorial of M. Shkolnik" (winter), "Friendship Cup" (RTT) and Masters Veteran Tournament “The Fan”.

The club numbers more than 1500 Kharkiv citizens. Students of six Kharkiv National University Schools have tennis classes as a part of academic program in Physical Education, and teaching staff and children of co-workers, and tennis amatours from all over the city - from children to pensioners – enjoy tennis under the guidance of club coaches.

  • President
    Honored Coach of Ukraine
    Valeriy L. Burko
    Phone: 705-20-57, 707-53-41, 707-52-56