Fuhurovka Sports and Health Camp

Sports and Health Camp "Figurovka" of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University is one of the first student camps in Ukraine that operates since 1957.

Our camp is situated in the picturesque corner of Kharkiv oblast - near the Seversky Donets River, where students, professors and staff with their families spend their holidays. Clean air, clear water, pine forest - all this makes it possible for holidaymakers to rehabilitate after a busy academic year and exhausting labor in the industrial city of Kharkiv.

Holidaymakers live in summer dwelling houses and in two-stored cottages, designed for 150 people. The camp is provided with artesian water.

Sports equipment for playing football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, ping-pong, chess, checkers etc. are at holidaymakers’ disposal. There are board games and entertainments for parents with their children.

There are billiard tables in the camp, classes and competitions in sport bridge are organized there.

Hiking and water tours to the picturesque places of the Chuguievskyy district and to the museum of our fellow-countryman - the famous painter Ilya Repin - are regularly conducted.

On the bank of the Donets the camp has its beach and its boating station, where holidaymakers may use boats for water tours, sports rowing and fishing.

During summer holidays the camp can host more than 500 people. Students and university employees are provided with the discount sanatorium vouchers.

Each year the University Administration and Labour Union Committees, according to the camp reconstruction plan, restore the living quarters and buildings of the area, improve and add new buildings for the sake of better recreation.

Address: Kharkiv oblast, Chuguiev district, tract "Figurovka", Sports and Health camp "Figurovka."