Management Sociology and Social Work Department

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Department of Sociology of Management and Social Work was established in 1990 (by 2003 - Department of Sociology of labor and management).

The Department trains specialists on “Sociology”, specialization “Social work” (Bachelor’s qualification level) and specialization “Social work” (Specialist’s, Masters’s qualification level).

Specialization of the Department: Management of Social Processes, Social Management, Social Security.

Graduates qualification levels: Specialist and Master receive the qualification: sociologist, social worker, teacher of disciplines of social work and management.

Areas of professional activity of graduates of the Department - Government and Municipal Administration, government, labor and social protection, non-governmental organizations (charities, NGOs), social services to work with various social groups and strata of the population, employment centers, job center, public opinion research institutions studying social problems, higher secondary schools, employment, consulting, travel agencies, Human Resources Management agency and more.

Students have been undertaking professional practical training (3-rd year ) and (4-th year) in the following institutions: district and city labor and social protection, local and regional employment centers, urban and regional centers of social services for families, children and youth, local NGOs that provide social services to the public, volunteer organization, institution of penitentiary system.

In 2006 Department began the practice of sending our best students for practical training to the department of National University "Lviv Polytechnic" at the Department of Sociology and Social Work.

In order to develop scientific collaboration, the department initiated a cooperation agreement with the regional Department of Labor and Social Security, the State Department of Health and Social Affairs of Kharkiv City Council and the Regional committee of social workers.

Current and future research projects that involved faculty, staff and students of the department:

  • all-university program "Graduate". Information and Analysis group – S. N. Vakulenko, Amelchenko T. V.
  • Transformation of Labour and Social Policy in Ukraine (monitoring studies). Project Manager - Andrushchenko A. I.
  • European, national and regional identity (FP7 EU Project, 2008-2011). Co-coordinator in Ukraine - prof. Valeriy N. Nikolayevskyy
  • "Health in the era of change: trends in health and population policies in the health sector in CIS countries" (FP7 EU Project, 2008-2012). Co-coordinator in Ukraine - prof. Valeriy N. Nikolayevskyy

Head of the Department of Sociology of Management and Social Work Professor, Valeriy N. Nikolayevskyy, Corresponding Member of Academy of Sciences of the Municipal Administration (Moscow), Dean of School of Sociology
Main scientific interests: Migration, Social Security, Quality of Education, Conflict Theory, Sociology of Health, Scientific Elite, Political Communication.
tel.: (w) (+38 057) 707 53 68, -706 33 38
Svobody sq., 6, office 346, Kharkov, Ukraine 61077,

  • Acting Head of the Department
    PhD (Sociology), Associate Professor
    Irina A. Evdokimova
    Phone: 707-54-03