Theoretical Radiophysics Department

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The Department is the co-organizer of a range of conferences (ІCATT, MMET) as well as the organizer of international conference UWBUSIS ("Ultrawideband and ultrashort pulse signals").

Students have possibility to do research work. A number of communication measures (as open lectures, scientific seminars, students conferences, individual work with students) has been hold to involve students in research activity of the department. Students of the department constantly take part in conferences, publish research works, and take prize-winning places in contests, get prizes, awards and grants.

Professors of the department of theoretical radiophysics give general and specialized subjects.

Scientific work at the department has been held in several directions: examination of characteristics of electromagnetic waves dispersion on complex shape objects; pulse signal interaction with complex medias; elaboration and modelling of antennas for impulse signals; working out of protection methods from electromagnetic radiation and control equipment; providing magnetical compatibility, complex medias with conducting, anisotropic and nonlinear dispersers, bianisotropic medias.

More than once researchers of the department have taken direct part in international conferences that had been held in Ukraine and abroad (Poland, Great Britain, The USA, Germany and other). Works of the department have been presented on ukrainian and international exhibitions (Kharkiv, Kyiv, Hannover).

  • Mykola M. Kolchihin
    Head of the Department
    Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics), Full Professor, laureate of the State Award of Ukraine
    Mykola M. Kolchihin

    Phone: 707-51-62, 707-52-57