Quantum Radiophysics Department

Web site: http://quant.univer.kharkov.ua/ua/index_ua.htm

The department was founded in 1955year Valitov R.A. as the Department of Radio Measurements for measuring the radiation power of ultra-high frequencies.

Scientific directions: quantum generators of infrared and submillimeter wavelengths and their application in plasma diagnostics and semiconductors, study of biological objects; molecular radiospectroscopy in ranges of millimeter and submillimeter wavelengths; Rydberg atom spectroscopy; measuring of the space-energy and polarization parameters of wide-aperture laser radiation.

The teaching staff includes 4 professors, 4 associate professors and 2 laboratory assistants. In addition to regular teachers the educational process provides an Academician of NASU and 2 professors.

Department of Quantum Radiophysics is the initiator and organizer of international conferences, IEEE / PHO in modern optoelectronics and lasers CAOL / LFNM held since 1999.

  • Head of the Department
    Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics), Full Professor
    Vyacheslav A. Maslov

    Phone: 707-51-57
    Address: Svobody sq., 4, Kharkov, 61022
    Office: 8-1