Study laboratory of psychodiagnostic

The study laboratory of psychodiagnostic was opened in the 2009 at the school of psychology, department of applied psychology. The Laboratory has two thematic divisions — the psychodiagnostic division and the psychophysiological division.

The main activity of the psychodiagnostic division is ordering, adaptation, restandardization of psychological tests and design new tests. Also here it is realizing practical psychological testing and consulting other specialists over correct using psychological tests, choosing methods for the solving different scientific or practical problems.

The psychophysiological division in its material base has such equipment like: 1) Psychophysiological Telemetric System “Rehacor-T” (Medicom-MTD, Taganrog, Russia): 2) System for game biofeedback and Heart Rate Variability Analysis “BOSLAB” (Novosibirsk, Russia).

Here it is doing different psychophysiological researches and practical psychocorrection. This work is aimed for the developing of stress tolerance, self regulation, adaptation resources, improving quality of sleeping, movement, learning etc. The special software allows working with as adults as children from 5 years old.

Our students regularly working in the Laboratory of Psychodiagnostic for advancing theirs competence in psychophysiology and psychodiagnostics. They also can realize here parts of theirs scientific projects.

  • Head of the Laboratory
    PhD in Psychology, Associate professor
    Olena L. Lutsenko

    Phone: +380 (57) 7075076
    Address: Svobody sq., 6, Kharkov, 61022
    Office: 4-01