Personality development Research Laboratory

Development Psychology School Lab was founded at the School of Psychology in 2010 and is a structural subdivision of the Department of General Psychology of the School of Psychology.

The Development Psychology Lab is intended:

  • to implement systems of research and scientific-methodological work in terms of personality development matters into the process of undergraduate and postgraduate students’ character building at the School of Psychology;
  • to organize, coordinate, collect and circulate information on human development psychology issues, particularly on the developmental teaching system;
  • to acquaint undergraduate and postgraduate students of School of Psychology with modern educational technologies, programs, methods and techniques, etc within the topics the Lab.

The main purpose of the Development Psychology Laboratory is to improve the quality of education of undergraduate and postgraduate students of the School of Psychology as future professionals of the theoretical and practical profiles by informationally and methodologically supporting the academic process and having students execute practical works.

Activity Scope of the Lab:

  • creation of a library (electronic and paper) on the history of psychological developmental technologies, particularly V. V. Davydov–D. B. Elkonin developmental training systems (Kharkiv School).
  • creation of a library (electronic and paper) on pedagogical innovations and technologies in Ukraine, Russia and other countries.
  • development of training aids and study guides on psychology of development of students and pupils.
  • development of new programs of psychological trainings, developmental lessons, diagnostic techniques, etc within the topics of interest of the Lab.
  • development of programs on psychological monitoring of personality
  • development and cognitive processes in different educational systems.

The staff members of the Lab have published two study guides for psychology students and practitioners in the system of education: Personality Development in developmental education (edited by O. K. Dusavytskyi, Ie. V. Zaika, I. O. Zuiev) Diagnostics of Personality Development of a Junior Pupil" (edited by O. K. Dusavytskyi, M. V. Rozen (Udovenko)).