Psychological Counseling and Psychotherapy Department

New urgent demands of society, including psychological assistance and support in different areas of human life (individual, family, business, psychological and somatic health, etc.) led to the need to establish in 2006 the department of psychological counseling and psychotherapy. It is important that these requests could not be satisfied with traditional methods developed in pedagogy and medicine. The department, created in the department of psychology, is one of the first attempts to expand the practical application of psychology in academic education and science of Ukraine.

The department is headed by Doctor of Psychological Science, Professor Alexander S. Kocharian, the founder of scientific direction | direction | «sex role psychology", which belongs to the psychology of sex. In this area is considered | Think of | | Personality | psychosexual formation of a personality of its masculine and feminine qualities that enable self-realization and manifestation of activity of the person. Professor Kocharyan AS developed a procedural model of client-centered psychotherapy, which is contained in the textbook for high schools "Psychotherapy. Psychological Model "(Publishers" Peter "), which survived three editions. He has authored over 150 scientific papers, 5 monographs and textbooks. Under his leadership, successfully defended 11 candidate theses. Professor YS Kocharian finished full | complete | course curriculum client-centered counseling and psychotherapy institute international client-centered approach (Lugano, Switzerland) and the Center for Cross-Cultural Communication (Dublin, Ireland) for psychologists and psychiatrists from Central and Eastern Europe (Bratislava, Prague ), | is a member of the board trainers | Ukrainian Union | Psychiatrist, | teaching | trainer and supervisor | omom.

Member of the department studied the theoretical and practical problems of psychology sensitive personality, its diagnosis, prevention and psycho-correction; customers--centered psychotherapy (R. Kocharyan AS, Assoc. Tereshchenko NM, Art. Kocharian IO) psyhoseksolohiyi human body and psychology (R. Kocharyan AS, Assoc. Tereshchenko NM), somatic psychology of patients and disorders of adaptation (R. Shestopalova LF), Psychotherapy for children and adolescents, child neuropsychiatrist (Fedoseev VA ).

Recognized experts in the field of medical psychology in Ukraine and abroad is a doctor of psychological sciences, professor Shestopalova LF She has won the State | Award | in Ukraine | Science and Technology, | author of over 200 scientific and methodical publications, 8 books and manuals, in its 1915 advising Ph.D. theses. Prof. Shestopalova LF heads the Medical Psychology Institute of Neurology, Psychiatry and Addiction Sciences of Ukraine.

Professors Kocharyan AS and Shestopalova LF members of academic councils on doctoral and master's theses.

Department specialists are members of the editorial boards of professional journals, are involved in the working group of authors who are working to create Ukrainian medical and psychological dictionary, led by academician SD Maksimenko (R. Kocharyan AS, Art. Kocharian IO).

The Department has specialists | experts | in the field of psychological counseling and psychotherapy, which certified the Ukrainian Union of Psychotherapists in the direction of client-centered psychotherapy as teaching coaches (R. Kocharyan AS, k.psyhol.s. Tereshchenko NN, Art. Kocharian IO). In practical terms, teachers of the department provide assistance to families in crisis and the problem, people with disabilities adapt | lytsyam |, somatic patients, including the sick and the children and their parents in solving many problems, | emotional | emotional addicted personalities | lytsyam | . The department is authorized in the areas of: research polygraph (lie detection), perinatal psychology (the psychology of the fetus and newborn), of functioning individuals with special needs. Department staff have experience in the business of psychological support (personnel management, business consulting, business training, coaching, etc |).

The Department provides over 15 disciplines, including | the following | «methods of functioning and psychotherapy," "Fundamentals of Sexology, Psychology of somatic patients," Fundamentals of Psychiatry nevrozolohiyi and so on. |

The Department has ten specialists, two of which - doctors, professors and four Ph.D., associate professor.

The Department actively engages students in scientific work. Student research papers, which were made under the supervision of the department has repeatedly won competitions at the university and national level. The department works section of students scientific "Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, working within the organization for scientific discussions, workshops, presentations by leading experts, conducted research work in the scientific themes of the department.

Pedagogical staff:

  1. Kocharyan AS d.psyhol.s. Sci.
  2. Shestopalova LF d.psyhol.s. Sci.
  3. Fedoseev VA Associate Professor., .. district.
  4. Zhidko ME k.psyhol.s. Assoc.
  5. Konshyna GE k.filos.n., teacher.
  6. Frolova EV k.psyhol.s. Assoc.
  7. Kocharian IO Art. teacher
  8. Barinova NV kand.psyh.n. Assoc.
  9. Lisenaya AM senior
  10. Tereshchenko NV k.psyhol.s. Assoc.
  11. Darmostuk teacher NV
  12. Selezneva ES teacher

  • Head of the Department
    Doctor of Letters (Psychology), Full Professor
    Oleksandr S. Kocharyan
    Phone: 707-51-70