Pedagogy Department


Department of Education as an independent branch in Kharkov University was founded in 1850, as evidenced by archival material stored in St. Petersburg aphyvi. The documents notes that the department responsible tasks assigned: to deepen the humanitarian focus of university education, to give the broadest possible graduates for employment. Pedagogy as a subject is read from navchalnoro year 1900-1906 with a few interruptions that occur due to lack of relevant personnel. Throughout the period at the department were talented teachers, starting with Professor M. Lavrovsky, who by the way, i was the first head of the department. In different years the department were: known psychologist LI Yanchenko, teachers M.C. I Baratov P. Ermolenko. In I988, the Department led the professor Necheporenko Prize, International Prize in Education, Doctor of Pedagogy. Scientists of the department investigated the historical and educational, psychological, educational, social, and kulturolohitchni social and educational topics.

Industry research

The most valuable asset of the department in the election of the complex topic of scientific research of cultural orientation. The culture of language and speech, moral and aesthetic culture in the context of the harmonious development of personality and prepare them to agree with you and the environment. Scientists of the department of historic, educational, psychological, educational, social, cultural, social and pedagogical problems of education and training.

Development on improvement of general pedagogical training of university lecturers (Prof. Necheporenko). Study ways of creating moral Students (Prof. Y. Podolyak) and problems of educational reform in Ukraine (Prof. A. Sidorenko).

Developing the theme of culture of education has given grounds for the birth of new directions of research in educational science, such as: teleology of education (pedagogy of success), ontopedagogics (Pedagogy of the person), of environmental pedagogy (pedagogy human harmony with the environment). Developed the issue of teacher's image in the transition period. Scientists are permanent members of the Department of International i Ukrainian scientific conferences, publishes a specialized collection of "notes the department of pedagogy.

The most famous achievement

Developed the basic theoretical aspects of formation of moral and aesthetic culture in the context of the harmonious development of personality and prepare them to agree with you and the environment. For the scientific project "Harmonization of the person teaching ways" professor. LS Necheporenko was awarded an international prize. The basic ways of creating a culture of language and speech.

The significant contribution of faculty in the development of modern scientific and pedagogical ideas are manuals "total bases pedagogy" (by LSNeporenko, KDGurova), "Classical Education" (by Necheporenko, Y. Podolyak VG stepson), Pedahohtchnyy training "(by TG Veretenkko, Manojlo)," History of Education in the verses in 2 parts, "Prometheus" (by A. Kobenko) monograph : "Improvement of general teacher training at university" (author Necheporenko), "Theory and method of language training at university" (author VG stepson), "The formation mechanisms of moral behavior of students" (author Dontsov A.V.), "Private higher education: Ways of Ukraine in world terms" (by A. Sidorenko), ontopedagogics invayromentalna and pedagogy "(by L. Necheporenko)," Creating a positive image of the modern teacher "(by I. A. Kovalev) and others.

Pedagogical staff:

  1. Necheporenko L.S. d.ped.s. Professor
  2. Podolyak Y. k.tehn.s. Sci.
  3. VI Gaponov k.tehn.s., Associate Professor
  4. Dontsov A.V. k.ped.s., Prof. ..
  5. Tkachev, NA d.ped.s., Associate Professor
  6. Kovalev IA k.ped.s. Professor
  7. Zhukova OA k.ped.s., Associate Professor
  8. Manojlo IS senior
  9. Bochenko OV senior
  10. Belyaev SB k.ped.s., Associate Professor
  11. Romanenko AV teacher
  12. Necheporenko MV k.ped.s., Associate Professor
  13. LA Kravtsov teacher
  14. Ravchak MU teacher
  15. Volkov KS teacher
  16. Zavgorodnyaya NM k.ped.s., Associate Professor
  17. Chuhreyeva NA k.ped.s., Associate Professor
  18. Y. Shvedova teacher

  • Acting Head of the Department
    PhD (Pedagogy), Associate Professor
    Natalya A. Zhukova
    Phone: 707-51-78