Applied Psychology Department

Applied psychology is a psychology faculty of Kharkiv National University Chem. Address and location of the department: Ukraine, 310 077, Kiev 77, Liberty Square, 6, Department of Psychology.

The department was established in 1992 in connection with the expansion of the modern psychological practice at the Faculty of Fundamental Medicine, and the order from 13.06.1996 № 1601-1/057 it was moved to the Biology department and was renamed the Department of "Applied Psychology . Since 2000. Department is part of the psychology department of Kharkiv National University Chem.

Research and teaching work in applied psychology directly linked with the name of its head, dean of the psychology of Kharkiv National University VNKarazin, doctor of psychological sciences, professor Laktionova AM (2000 - 2008's).

Laktionov - a prominent specialist in psychological diagnostics, political psychology, psychology of individual experience. He was the first in the Soviet and the national psychology has attempted to theoretical and experimental investigation of individual experience in the modern concepts of psychology. Key provisions of his theory presented in the monograph "coordinates of individual experience," ", which depicts the historical and methodological-categorial aspects of human experience. For the first time in Ukraine was theoretically and experimentally investigated the structural and dynamic organization of individual experience. Basic research and authoring of which were related to the nature of transformation of individual experience in the transition period are reflected in the scientific theme of "Modern psychological phenomena of mass and individual consciousness in the Ukrainian society" (2004-2006), which is important for development of the Ukrainian psychology.

An important contribution to the political psychology professor Laktionovym was made on the basis of EM studies of contemporary problems of political psychology, image of the political leader, political personality psychology, psychology of the political elite, psychology, government, mass political psychology, electoral psychology. The main achievements are reflected in the research topic of applied psychology "Psychology of the relationship of political leaders and the masses" (2000-2002 years), which is carried out under the head of the department Laktionova AM From 2001 to 2008 Professor Laktionov AM served as vice president of the Ukrainian Association of Political Psychology Ukraine. In 2003 he headed the Kharkiv branch of the Ukrainian Association of Political Psychology Ukraine.

Results and unique findings of his research were published in more than 80 scientific papers, including the most visible: "Political Psychology: Toward a new paradigm," "On purpose, structure, categorial-conceptual apparatus of political psychology," Some psychological conditions of public consciousness and so on.

Working for an innovative approach indyvidotsentrovanomu that was started by Professor Laktionovym OM, continued his graduate students and professors at the Department of Applied Psychology.

In the framework of international cooperation with the University of Byeyer Sheva (Israel), M. Hagen (Germany) to prepare psychologists professionals Laktionovym AM first time in Ukraine was initiated by the department of psychology distance correspondence.

Since 2002, Professor AN Laktionov headed the specialized academic council candidate's and doctoral theses. Under his leadership, has been defended a number of master's and doctoral theses.

At this time performs the duties of head of the department of psychological sciences, professor Kreidun Nadezhda Petrovna.

The Department of Applied Psychology employs 19 highly skilled professionals, including - 4 Doctors of Medical Sciences, 10 - a candidate of psychological sciences, and almost all staff - a branch of graduates and faculty of psychology of Kharkiv University.

Main research department have a distinct socio-psychological orientation and focus on solving specific psychological tasks that can solve a specialist psychologist in today's transformational society. These include: ethnic psychology and clinical psychological diagnostics, psychological problems of social deviations, problems of environmental consciousness; Practical Psychology in Marketing and Advertising; justice, penitentiary modern problems of psychology, methodology and techniques of modern psychological diagnostics, problems of evolutionary psychology, psychology of interpersonal relations and group dynamics, psychology influence psychology of political subjects, psycholinguistics, psychology of the company;

PR-technology, history, psychology, modern educational technologies.

Lecturer returned 14 international grants, including grant the Central European University for research on "Study of Ethnic representations in Ukraine and their impact on inter-ethnic relations", Grant of the Soros Foundation and the Ministry of Education of Ukraine for research on "Development of environmental ideas in the process between personal interaction (for example, environmental games), as well as writing textbooks on general and applied ethnopsychology, MacArthur Foundation grant for research on "The Future in representations of the inhabitants of eastern and western Ukraine: a stability or voltage indicator?" U.S. National Council of Grant with East European Studies for research on "Memory, History and Identity in the former Soviet Union", Open Society Institute Grant for research on "Development of a European identity in pupils and students of Ukraine, University of Melbourne Grant for research on" Cross-cultural study of ethnic and racial tolerance, INTAS Grant and others. The main projects and development department can be considered an international project "Adaptation of emigrants and immigrants" (1996) "Psychology of the relationship of political leaders and the masses" (2001-2003), an international project "Training of managers of Human Resources and Organization of Production" ( University, m.Hahen, Germany) (2002-2005). In addition, the department are members of the group project "Development of national, ethnolinguistic and religious identity in children and adolescents living in the CIS." Also within the program "The Psychology of prison officials and prisoners in conditions of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine" the department conduct research to study the psychological characteristics and personal characteristics of convicted teachers and the staff of correctional facilities (2008 - 2013).

During the exchange of scientific experience, writing manuals, designing joint research programs, as well as holding international and national conferences department cooperates with research institutions, universities in Ukraine and abroad, including the Institute of Social and Political Psychology of the Ukraine, Psychology Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk State University, Moscow State University Lomonosov Moscow State University, University of Palermo, University of Melbourne, University of Pennsylvania and others. The Department initiated a national and international conferences on applied aspects of modern psychology.

The chair outlines the basic courses and specialized courses at the faculty, among them: general psychology, social psychology, basics of group dynamics, techniques of social and psychological training, business psychology, prison psychology, psychology of deviant behavior of children and adolescents, organizational psychology, psychophysiology, psycho-diagnostics, psychology creativity, psychology of advertising, ethnic psychology, environmental psychology, pathopsychology, clinical psychodiagnostic, psyhofizyka, psychology of conflict, political psychology, political psychology and the other image. Courses are taught by copyright software using training technologies. The department is trained specialists to institutions of the State Department of Ukraine for execution of sentences, and also took part in the retraining of specialists. In addition, the department provides teaching courses on the psychology faculty. To ensure the educational process by teachers of the department issued textbooks, training manuals and guidelines: "General and Applied ethnopsychology", "Ethnopsychology", "Medical Practice in psychodiagnostic" (Pavlenko VN in singing.), "Fundamentals of prison psychology (Kreidun NP, Laktionov OM, AV Soroka, Skokov SI), General Psychology "(OE Polivanova in singing.)" Social and psychological technologies of individual and group work with prisoners Women in prison conditions "(Kreidun NP, Polivanova AE, Yavorovskaya LM, Yanovska SG) and others.

For implementation in educational work with students and graduate students a comprehensive psychodiagnostic approach for experimental and diagnostic research at the Department's psychodiagnostic training laboratory. The paper provides laboratory establish intersectoral and international cooperation with other academic laboratories and applied research organizations, and attract students and postgraduates to participate in the collective (inter-sectoral or international) educational research and teaching and practical projects. The work of modern laboratory carried out in two directions. One of the activities of the laboratory is the formation of modern psychological diagnostics testoteky - Library of test and other diagnostic techniques and full psychometric characteristics to them. The second area of ​​research is the creation of new, original diagnostic techniques, including methods VTSSD (definition of the target), modification methods for differential diagnosis of psychopathic individuals and patients with neurosis (Prof. VN Pavlenko) projective technique unfinished sentences "Current adaptive settings "(associate Lutsenko OL) methods ---- Laktionov, Kreidun.

The department developed psycho-election campaigns, image support political leaders are political and psychological and business counseling. The department is psychiatric diagnosis for career guidance, occupational choice and profdoboru. Keeps in prison.

Pedagogical staff:

  1. Kreidun NP k.psyhol.s. Professor
  2. Kuznyetsov M.A.d.psyhol.s. Sci
  3. Homulenko T.B.d.psyhol.s. Sci.
  4. Lukashenko IM k.psyhol.s., Associate Professor
  5. Kovalenko A.B.d.psyhol.s. Sci
  6. Pavlenko VM k.psyhol.s. Professor
  7. Kryazh IV k.psyhol.s., Associate Professor
  8. Polivanova OE k.psyhol.s., Associate Professor
  9. Soroka AV k.psyhol.s., Associate Professor
  10. Yanovska
  11. Kovalevska teacher
  12. Zotova
  13. Lutsenko OL k.psyhol.s., Associate Professor
  14. Moskalenko VV. k.psyhol.s., Associate Professor
  15. Andryuschenko O.V.ct.teacher
  16. Harchenko SV k.psyhol.s., Associate Professor
  17. Krivokon NI k.psyhol.s., Associate Professor
  18. Lukyanova T.V.teacher
  19. Samulevych T.Ye.teacher
  20. Venhyerova O.M.teacher
  21. Mytrochenko O.Ye.teacher

  • Head of the Department
    Doctor of Sciences (Psychology), Associate Professor
    Irina V. Kryazh
    Phone: 707-50-76