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The Department of Crystal Physics was found in 1964 by the outstanding physicist Jacob Evseevich Geguzin. He was a bright person. He merged in himself endowments of a scientist and an artist, a teacher and a poet. He has formed the subjects of scientific researches, influenced the style of relations between employees, teachers and students, their relation to the nature and science. He has generated favour to prime and beautiful experiment in everyone worked with him. He has created not only the department but widely known scientific school.

More than 500 students from Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Germany, Yugoslavia, Vietnam and the countries of Africa were graduated from the Department. They work in many research institutes and laboratories, educational institutions in Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Israel, Australia, the USA and other countries.


1. Grinev Boris Viktorovich - Head of Department of Crystal Physics - outstanding researcher in scintillation materials science, the academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,

  • Director of the Institute of Scintillation Materials NAS of Ukraine.
  • The first vice-president of the State Agency on Questions of a Science, Innovations and Informatization of Ukraine.
  • Member of Committee of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of ascience and technology.
  • Member of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine.
  • The vice-president of Northeast Science Center NAS of Ukraine.

The author and the co-author of 14 monographies, over 650 papers, 140 inventions and patents.

2. Dr Kibets Vitaly Ivanovich - senior lecturer.

3. Dr hab Boiko Jury Ivanovich - professor.

4. Dr hab Matsokin Vadim Pavlovich - professor.

5. Dr hab Natsik Vasily Dmitrievich - professor.

6. Dr Bogdanov Valery Vitaljevich - senior lecturer.

7. Dr Vorobyova Inessa Vasilievna - senior lecturer.

8. Dr Matsokin Dmitry Vadimovich - assistant.

9. Dr Pahomova Irina Nikolaevna - engineer.

10. Andrievsky Victor Borisovich - engineer.

11. Klochkova Victoria Borisovna - assistant.

12. Mily Maxim Vladimirovich - engineer.

The department is base department for NTK «Institute of single crystals» NAS of Ukraine and has wide and effective scientific relations with many scientific institutions: ILTPE NAS of Ukraine (Kharkov), «Institute for problems in material science» NAS of Ukraine (Kiev), A.V.Shubnikov Institute of Crystallography of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow), The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna), Institute of High Pressure Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Inter-regional center on use of bundles of difficult ions (GANIL, France), University of the city of Uppsala (Sweden), Bar-Ilan University (Israel).


The main direction of scientific research of the department is studying of mass transfer mechanisms and kinetics in real crystals.

8 habilitations and 44 Ph.D. theses have been prepared and defended by scientists of the department for years of its existence more than 1500 papers were published in scientific journals of the USSR, Ukraine and abroad. Following monographies are published on the results of researches of scientific school: «Macroscopic defects in crystals », «Physics of sintering» - two editions in our country and one in Germany, «the Motion of macroscopical inserts in crystals» - two editions, one of them in the USA, «The Diffusion band », « Diffusion processes on a crystal surface».

Popular scientific books for a wide range of readers: «Why and how emptiness disappears» - three editions, «The flive crystal» - four editions, «Sketches about a diffusion in crystals » - three editions, "Drop" - three editions, "Bubbles" were published in the USSR and abroad.

Now the department carries out training of specialists on two directions: «Physics of crystals» and «Physics and technology of functional materials». The latter is carried out in cooperation with NTC «Institute of single crystals» NAS of Ukraine.

Scientific and Educational center «Functional materials » which carries out research within the framework of the State program «Science at universities » was found on the base of the Department and ISMA NAS of Ukraine.

To the entrant

The Department provides basis courses “Condensed state physics” and “Crystal physics” for students of all specializations, and also 16 courses of specialization for own students.

Laboratory operations are carried out on the modern inventory.

The majority of students do their practical work on the basе of the Institute of Single Crystals NAS of Ukraine and Institute of scintillation materials NAS of Ukraine.

  • Head of the Department
    Doctor of Sciences (Technology), Full Professor, Academician of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences
    Hrinyov V. Boris
    Phone: 707-51-58, 707-52-67