Physical Optics Department

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The department was founded by academician Sinelnikov in 1962. The fist department chairman was Doctor of Physics, Professor I. Shklyarevsky. The basic specialization is optics and spectroscopy. At the various time scientific research in the following fields was conducted: luminescence of crystal phosphores, metal optics, optics and magnetooptics of semiconductors, multilayered interference coating, photosensitive films optics. Until now the teachers of the department have defended four theses of PhD and two theses of Doctor of Physics. Forty four postgraduate students of the department have become PhDs with the specialization Optics, Laser Physics.

The department trains specialists for such scientific institutions as: ILTPE - B.Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Institute for Single Crystals, National Science Center Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology, National Scientific Centre "Institute of Metrology". Our department’s alumni work at factories, universities and schools. More than 40 of them obtained the title Doctor of Physics and became heads of scientific departments of various institutions.

At the present time scientific research is conducted in the following fields: semiconductor material’s spectroscopy, multilayered interference coating, optics of island films, nonlinear optics of waveguide photosensitive films.

The department has many international scientific contacts. During 2007-2008 with the support of the Fundamental Scientific Research Fund together with Grodno State University named after Ya. Kupala (Belarus) a scientific projects was carried out.


Apart from speciallecture course the department’s students do laboratory-based work containing general parts of modern physics, undergo science-manufacturing training, do theses to degree and course projects. PhD training is constantly held at the department.

All students secure jobs of lecturers, scientists, engineers in science and education institutions, hi-tech companies. The best students can study at the department’s postgraduate section. For example:

Makovetskiy Yevgeniy graduated from the department in 2002. In the same year he became a postgraduate student. Yevgeniy defended thesis of PhD in 2005. Makovetsky has worked at the department as an assistant professor.

Biloshenko Kostyantyn graduated from the department in 2007. In the same year he became a postgraduate student of the department.

Department Staff


  1. Head of the department - Ageyev Leonid Afanasievich, Doctor of Physics, Full Professor.
    Tell. 707-51-25.
  2. Miloslavskiy Vladimir Konstantinovich, Doctor of Physics, Full Professor, Honored Professor of the University
    Tell. 707-51-25.
  3. Ovcharenko Aleksandr Petrovich, Ph.D. in Physics, Associate Professor
    Tell. 707-51-25, 707-56-11,
  4. Makarovskiy Nikolay Aleksandrovich, Ph.D. in Physics, Associate Professor
  5. Makovetskiy Yevgeniy Dmitriyevich Ph.D. in Physics, Associate Professor
  6. Lymar Valentin Ivanovich, Professor Assistant

Department Staff:

  1. Yunakova Olga Nikolayevna Ph.D. in Physics, Senior Research Assistant
  2. Letyago Lubov Mikhailovna, Research Assistant
  3. Zagriva Larisa Ivanovna, senior engineer
  4. Busiashvili Vera Vladimirovna, laboratory assistant
  5. Beloshenko Konstantin Sergeyevich, postgraduate student

  • Acting Head of the Department
    Doctor of Scenices (Physics and Mathematics), Full Professor
    Nikolay Z. Holunov
    Phone: 707-51-25