Higher Mathematics Department

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The department of higher mathematics of Physical faculty was organized in autumn 1963 year. Till now the courses of mathematics for physicists read teachers of department of geometry(on 1-2 courses) and department of methods of mathematical physics (3-4 courses) of Mathematics and Mechanical faculty.

The initiator of creation of department of higher mathematics especially for physicists was professor V.I.Khotkevich, at that time he was the dean of Physical faculty. A purpose of organization of the special mathematical department on Physical faculty is teaching of complex of mathematical disciplines in a necessary for physicists volume and maintenance, by analogy with the same departments in the Moscow and Leningrad universities. The again well-educated department of higher mathematics conducted all mathematical courses on Physics, Radiophysics and faculty of Physics and Technology (before a move last in pos. Pyatikhatki).

The first manager of department from 1963 for 1978 there was professor Z.S.  Agranovich. From 1978 for 1988 a department was managed by associate professor V.K. Dubovoy. From 1988 professor Yu.M.  Dyukarev manages a department.

Presently on the department of higher mathematics work: two full professor, PhD (Doctor in Mathematics and Physics), five associate professors, PhD (Candidate in Mathematics and Physics), four senior lecturer and one senior laboratory assistant (only 12 employees). The employees of department make the arranged skilled collective, capable it is good to get along at the difficult pedagogical and scientific work.

The department of higher mathematics of Physical faculty presently provides reading of lectures and lead through of practical employments on a Physical and Radiophysical faculties on all mathematical courses:

  • mathematical analysis;
  • analytical geometry;
  • linear algebra;
  • entering into information technologies;
  • vectorial and tensor analysis;
  • differential and integral equalizations and variation;
  • informatics and programming;
  • complex analysis;
  • theory of chances and mathematical statistics;
  • mathematical modelling;
  • methods of mathematical physics.

On the department of higher mathematics not folded single scientific subject. But all teachers of department were always successfully engaged in the scientific or methodical subject, both in area of clear mathematics and in mathematical physics.

Basic directions of scientific researches of department:

  • problem of moments, theory of interpolation tasks for analytical matrices-functions and contiguous questions of analysis (Yu.M. Dyukarev, S.N.Zinenko, I.Yu. Serikova);
  • almost periodic functions (N.D. Parfenova);
  • mathematical design of processes of heat-conducting for the areas of acanonical form by variation and regionally structural methods (T.V. Butenko);
  • research of theoretical and experimental ground of the special theory of relativity (A. P. of Volchenko).
  • distribution of electromagnetic waves in waveguides spyralnyh. Electromagnetic waves in strip lines (B.V Kondrat'ev).

  • Acting Head of the Department
    Doctor of Science (Physics and Mathematics), Аssociate Рrofessor
    Dmitry V. Chibisov
    Phone: 707-53-07