Thermal and Molecular Physics Department


The department was founded in 2001, together with the establishment of physical and energy department at the Kharkiv National University. The founder and sole head of the academician of NAS of Ukraine is Yuri M. Matsevityy. The department was established to train highly qualified specialists in thermophysical fundamentals of traditional and new energy technologies.

In 2008, Verkin Low Temperature Physics Institute established the branch of the Department of Thermal Physics and Molecular Physics. The head of this branch is the senior associate of ILTPE Doctor of Science Valerii K. Chahovets.

Since 2010, we organized the branch of the Department of Thermal Physics and Molecular Physics at the engineering company "Golden Ratio", using it as a base for joint education and training of students.

To enrollees

The main activities of the department is to explore the molecular basis of thermal and transformation of traditional and renewable energy. Preparations are under the direction of "Applied Physics", in specialty "thermal physics". Graduates successfully employed in specialized research institutions, commercial organizations and have the opportunity to study in postgraduate studies and leading academic institutions of Kharkiv.


Major areas of research related to heat transfer and mass in quantum and classical fluids, radiation and interaction of phonons in superfluid helium, relaxation and kinetic processes in solutions of quantum liquid, equipment low temperatures, problems of dynamics and strength of structural elements that are most relevant to modern engineering.


Today the department has 8 teachers including 2 PhD, 2 Doctors of Science, a Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics,.

Head of Department – Matsevity Yuri M., Academician of NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Technical Sciences
Address:. D. Pozharsky 2 / 10, Kharkov, 61046, Ukraine

Nyemchenko Konstantin E., Doctor of Sciences, Professor
Tel.: 707-50-20, 94-47-16.

Lushpenko Sergei F., PhD, Professor,

Chagovets Valery K., Doctor of Sciences,
Tel. +380 (57) 341-08-17 e-mail:

Chernobryvko Marina, Ph.D., associate professor,
tel. 95-95-62

Gapon Alexander, Lecturer
tel. 335-55-09,

Tyutyunnik Dmytro, Lecturer

Rogova Svitlana, assistant

  • Head of the Department
    Full Professor, Doctor of Sciences (Technology), Academician of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences
    Yuri M. Matsevytyy
    Phone: 93-71-91, 94-55-14, 94-47-16