Physics of Alternative Energy Technologies and Ecology

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The Chair was founded in 2003 at V.N.Karazin Kharkov National University. Prof. Yu. F. Shmalko was a founder and first head of the Chair, and he was one of initiators and organizers first in the Ukraine Department of Physics and Energy with double subordination by the Ministry of Education & Science and the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences. In 2003 Yu. F. Shmalko was elected as professor and head of the Chair of Physics of Alternative Energy Technologies and Ecology and during some years he was a Dean of the Department. He teach students in the new areas, concerning physical and technical problems of energetics, directed the scientific seminars.

Since 2008 the Chair was headed by Professor V.I. Tkachenko, who is a specialist in alternative energy, plasma physics, nonlinear physics, plasma electronics, hydro-mechanics and supercritical fluid extraction. Since that time the areas of research at the Chair have been expanded to include topics of SMC RESEST NSC KIPT.

Activities of the Chair have been focused on integration of academic and university science to improve higher education, to involve young people in the science and to train highly qualified specialists in the field of alternative energy of present and tomorrow's days.

To enrollees

Starting the date of foundation the Chair has been issuing highly skilled experts in the field of physics of alternative energy technologies and ecology, who successfully work in different areas of science and industry. Graduates successfully employed in specialized research institutions, private companies and high schools. It is planning to create at the University the post-graduate courses and Soviet for dissertations on the specialty 05.14.08 "The transformation of renewable kinds of energy."


Major areas of research related to the study of physical and physical-chemical bases of power conversion, research and development facilities of both traditional and alternative energy: solar, hydrogen, hydrogen sulphide, wind, geothermal and non-polluting cryogenic and pneumatic power systems, to be used in power systems and transport.

On the basis of the A.N. Podgorny Institute for Mechanical Engineering Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (IPMash NAS of Ukraine) scientists of the Chair have developed a wind power plant with hydrogen energy storage, which is designed to convert wind energy into electrical energy and to produce non-polluting energy source of hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen storage system, created as fuel cell, can generate electricity in the absence of wind by using hydrogen and oxygen.

Employees of the department in conjunction with SMC RESEST being developed range of high power 1-3 kW wind turbines using wind turbines with a hub (confuser) and a release device (diffuser), using the latest materials and technologies developed in NSC KIPT.

Fig.1. Wind generator, developed in SMC RESEST NSC KIPT

Specialists from the Chair took part in the development of the first in the countries of the FSU environmentally friendly cryogenic vehicle, operating on liquid nitrogen, and a number of pneumatic engines of different design.

The special attention is paid to the development of modern energy saving systems and increasing of energy efficiency of existing technologies in the energetics, municipal sector and transport.

Fig.2. Testing of pneumatic engines at the experimental stand Fig.3. Power system of cryogenic vehicle

Every year researches from the Chair have publishing 7 - 10 papers in scientific journals, which have impact-factor, participating in more than 15 international conferences, obtaining 4-6 patents and publishing 2 - 4 academic books and textbooks.

International Cooperation

The staff of the Chair is engaged in active international cooperation in the area of environmentally friendly power systems with the specialists of the University of North Texas (USA), Kongju University (South Korea) and Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG (Poland).

The cooperation includes joint scientific and technical research, organization of international conferences and seminars, exchange of specialists and training in leading international scientific and educational laboratories.

Specialists of the Chair regularly participate in the international scientific grants for the development of new energetic and non-polluting technologies.


There are 9 employees at the Chair, including 5 Doctors of Sciences and 3 Doctors of Philosophy.

Head - Victor Ivanovich Tkachenko, Professor, Doctor of Sciences.
Phone: +38 (057) 335-60-01, E-mail:

Associate Head – Igor Nikolayevich Kudryavtsev, Associate Professor, Ph. D.
Phone: +38 (057) 707-50-20, E-mail:

Victor Vasilyevich Solovey, Academician, Professor, Doctor of Sciences, State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology. Phone: +38 (057) 95-95-15, E-mail:

Stanislav Yevgenievich Selivanov, Professor, Doctor of Sciences. Phone: +38 (057) 707-50-20.

Alexander Alekseevich Isayev, Professor, Doctor of Sciences. Phone: +38 (057) 707-50-20,

Ivan Grigoryevich Marchenko, Professor, Doctor of Sciences. Phone: +38 (057) 707-50-20,

Yuriy Alexandrovich Ishuk, Associate Professor, Ph. D. Phone: +38 (057) 707-50-20.

Vyacheslav Nikolayevich Lisyev, Associate Professor, Ph. D. Phone: +38 (057) 707-50-20,

Tatyana Gennadievna Vikhtinskaya, Assistant. Phone: +38 (057) 707-50-20,

  • Head of the Department
    Full Professor, Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics)
    Viktor I. Tkachenko
    Phone: 335-60-01