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The Department is chaired by the Doctor of philological sciences, Professor Volodymyr S. Kalashnyk.

Professors Lyudmila Georgiivna Boyarova, Lidiya Ivanivna Kolomiyets, Igor Viktorovych Muromtsev, Lyubov Grygorivna Savchenko; Assistant Professors Olga Mykolayivna Gerashchenko, Galyna Anatoliivna Gubareva, Yuliya Ivanivna Kalashnyk, Yuriy Ivanovych Kokhan, Maryna Volodymyrivna Kudryashova, Vasyl Fedorovych Maksymenko, Anatoliy Mykolayovych Nelyuba, Valentyna Dmytrivna Ponomarenko, Anatoliy Ananiyovych Sagarovskiy, Oksana Valeriivna Teslenko, Roman Anatoliyovych Tryfonov, Mykola Ivanovych Filon, Olena Yevgeniivna Khomik; senior lecturers Lyudmyla Grygorivna Guryeva, Olena Oleksandrivna Dudka, Kateryna Volodymyrivna Korotych (Candidate of philological sciences), Nadiya Pavlivna Rashchupkina, Ruslan Leonidovych Serdega (Candidate of philological sciences), Lidiya Oleksiivna Udovenko, Nadiya Fedorivna Umantseva, chief laboratory assistants Nataliya Igorivna Bantsekina, Oksana Modestivna Gurova, Tetyana Valentynivna Larina, Yuliya Olegivna Garyunova work at the department. A member of the department, a candidate of philological sciences Rayisa Ivanivna Trostynska has been teaching abroad for a long time (Croatia, Zagreb).

The history of the Department as a university scientific-pedagogical subdivision started in 1921 when O. O. Potebnya scientific-research department of linguistics was established in the Institute of popular education into which the Kharkiv university was transformed. The Department had a few sections including the Ukrainian language one. The Ukrainian language section was chaired by an educatee of the Kharkiv university professor Oleksiy Naumovych Synyavskiy (1887-1937). In 1928 he was substituted at this position by a famous Slavist – Kost’ Tykhonovych Nimchynov (1899-1936), also an educatee of the University, a pupil of O.N.Synyavskiy. Since 1938 the responsibilities of the head of at that time Ukrainian language department executed a dean of the philological department docent Lykyan Dmytrovych Minyailo (1899-1938). In 1939 the Russian and the Ukrainian language departments were incorporated into one department of the Russian and the Ukrainian linguistics. From that time until the outbreak of the war it was chaired by an academician Leonid Arseniyovych Bulakhovskiy. In the first war years in Kharkiv the department was chaired by a pupil of L. A. Bulakhovskiy, at present a world-famous philologist Yuriy Volodymyrovych Shevelyov, and from 1943 till 1946 the functions of the head of the University department of the Ukrainian language executed an outstanding linguist Mykola Fedorovych Nakonechniy. From 1946 till 1975 the Ukrainian language department was chaired by a famous language historian professor Fedir Pylypovych Medvedyev. During 1875-1986 the head of the Ukrainian language department was associate professor Leonid Grygorovych Avksentiev (in 1990 he was awarded an academic title of Professor).

Scientific-pedagogical activities of the Ukrainian language department are based on rich traditions of the Ukrainian scientific studios at the Kharkiv university established by A.L.Metlynskiy (1814-1870), P. P. Gulak-Artemovskiy (1790-1869), P. P. Biletskiy-Nosenko (1774-1856). Especially fruitful were scientific ideas of a founder of the Kharkiv linguistic school O.O.Potebnya (1835-1891). The activities of the department scientists during the whole history of the department existence have mainly been directed to development of O.O.Potebnya’s ideas. To the achievements of the department (and wider – the Ukrainian linguistics) besides the above-mentioned some way are privy such scientists as I. K. Bilodid, Z.M. Veselovska, A. S. Kolodyazhniy, L. A. Lysychenko, G. T. Solonska, V. D. Uzhchenko. As of today the Ukrainian language department has high scientific potential and is one of the scientific-research groups recognized by the specialists of the corresponding branch in Ukraine.

The teaching staff of the department provides the courses of the modern Ukrainian language and its history, dialectology, stylistics, the old Slavic language, the Polish language as well as special courses of modern linguistics urgent problems. The scientists of the department on the basis of the problematics investigated by them hold seminars for the third-fourth year students. The corresponding subjects according to the curriculum are taught at all branches of philological faculty. Besides professors and associate professor of the department give lectures in the modern Ukrainian language course to the University graduate students of different specialties. To the most important scientific achievements of the department staff refer publishing of a three-volume “Dictionary of the language of works of G. Kvitka-Osnovyanenko” (Kharkiv, 1978-1979, the head of corporate authors associate professor L. V. Venyevtseva (1930-2004)), participation in preparing materials for General Slavonic linguistic and lexical atlas of the Ukrainian language. General problem of scientific-research work of the department is “Analysis of the levels system of the Ukrainian language of XVII-XXI centuries”. The researches of historical and comparative lexicology (Prof. L. I. Kolomiyets, prof. I. V. Muromtsev, candidate of philological sciences O.M. Gerashchenko, Candidate of philological sciences R. I. Trostynska, senior lecturer L.G.Guryeva), phraseology (Assistant Professor Yu. I. Kokhan), science of terminology (Prof. L.G. Boyarova), word formation (Prof. I. V. Muromtsev, associate professor A. M. Nelyuba, associate professor V. D. Ponomarenko), language of fiction and folklore, language map of the world (prof. V. S. Kalashnyk, prof. L. G. Savchenko, associate professor G. A. Gubareva, associate professor Yu. I. Kalashnyk, associate professor M. V. Kudryashova, associate professor M. I. Filon, senior lecturer N. P. Rashchupkina), dialectology (associate professor A.A.Sagarovskiy, Candidate of philological sciences R. L. Serdega), the history of the literature language and linguistics history (Assistant Professor R. A. Tryfovov, senior lecturer O. O. Dudka) are done in the framework of this problem. The scientists of the department pay great attention to the questions of methods of the Ukrainian language teaching in secondary and higher school (associate professor V. F. Maksimenko, Assistant Professor O. V. Teslenko, senior lecturer O.O.Dudka). Prof. A. O. Svashenko (1937-2006) is an author or co-author of many textbooks and work books for elementary school. One of the first self-teaching textbooks of the Ukrainian language on the basis of the Russian language (prof. V. S. Kalashnyk, prof. A. O. Svashenko) was made at the department. The textbook was published three times (1990-1993) and is still popular. For the last years the members of the department created a lot of dictionaries (Prof. V.S.Kalashnyk, Prof. A. O. Svashchenko, Prof. O. S. Yurchenko, Prof. L. G. Boyarova, Assistant Professor L. V. Venyevtseva, Prof. L. G. Savchenko, Assistant Professor M. I. Filon, senior lecturer O. O. Dudka). Recent lexicography studies were published under the editorship of such scientists of the department as Prof. V. S. Kalashnyk, Prof. I. V. Muromtsev, prof. A. O. Svashenko, Prof. L. G. Savchenko. The newest dictionaries among the achievements of the department are “Explanatory dictionary of the Ukrainian language” under the editorship of V. S. Kalashnyk (the 2-nd revised and enlarged edition– Kharkiv: Prapor, 2005), “Russian-Ukrainian dictionary on radio techniques, radio electronics and radio physics” under the editorship of Prof. V.S.Kalashnyk and Prof. M. T. Cherpak (K.: Nauk. dumka, 2006) “Explanatory dictionary of modern Ukrainian language: common vocabulary: About 60 000 words” under the general editorship of prof. V. S. Kalashnyk (Kh.: FOP Spivak T. K., 2009) and “Explanatory dictionary of the modern Ukrainian language: professional vocabulary: About 20 000 words” under the general editorship of prof. V. S. Kalashnyk (Kh.: FOP Spivak T. K., 2009). The department initiated and organized numerous scientific forums, namely international scientific conferences on the 90-th and 100-th anniversary of Yuriy Shevelyov, 100-th birthday anniversary of Mykola Nakonechniy, 170-th birthday anniversary of Olexander Potebnya. There is a postgraduate studies and a doctorate at the department. For the last time sufficiently has grown a number of the defended theses.

The leading scientists of the department have constructive contacts with the Ukrainian language centers abroad, participate in scientific conferences beyond the borders of Ukraine (Byelorussia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, the USA, the Czech Republic).

  • Head of the Department
    PhD (Philology), Associate Professor
    Mikola I. Filon
    Phone: 707-54-58