Russian Language Department

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The faculty of the Department includes 14 members, of which two are full professors and doctors of sciences, nine are associate professors and candidates of sciences and three are senior lecturers without academic degrees. The Department is headed by Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor L. Pedchenko.

Department Staff

  1. Boiko Neonila Vasylivna, Candidate of philological science, Assistant Professor
  2. Hulak Anatolii Tykhonovych, Doctor of philological science, Professor
  3. Karnaushenko Galina Nylivna, Candidate of philological science, Assistant Professor
  4. Kravtsova Lyudmyla Oleksiivna, Senior lecturer
  5. Maslii Olena Vasylivna, Senior lecturer
  6. Marynchak Viktor Andriyovych, Candidate of philological science, Assistant Professor
  7. Nyemtseva Valentyna Volodymyrivna, Senior lecturer
  8. Popov Sergii Leonidovych, Candidate of Philological Science, Assistant Professor
  9. Pedchenko Liudmyla Vadymivna, Candidate of philological science, Assistant Professor
  10. Savchenko Liudmyla Rostyslavivna, Candidate of philological science, Assistant Professor
  11. Smyrnova Tetiana Mykolaivna, Candidate of philological science, Assistant Professor
  12. Stepanchenko Ivan Ivanovych, Doctor of philological science, Professor
  13. Filchuk Tetiana Fedorivna, Candidate of philological science, Assistant Professor
  14. Cherntsova Olena Vadymivna, Candidate of philological science, Assistant Professor

The teaching and research traditions of the department can be traced back to the beginning of the 19th century, when the Kharkiv Imperial University with the Philology Department was founded. At different time such noted scientists as I.I. Sreznievs’kyi, P.O. Lavrovs’kyi, O.O. Potebnia, D.M. Ovsianyko-Kulykovs’kyi, B.M. Liapunov, G.A. Il’ins’kyi, S.M. Kul’bakina and others worked there. In the 20th century the history of the Russian Language Department was directly connected with the Research Department of O.O. Potebnia Kharkiv Institute of Public Education created after different reorganizations of the Kharkiv Imperial University and later with the Linguistics Department of the reestablished Kharkiv State University. In the 40s the Russian Language Department was separated from that department. The Department was headed by such noted experts in the Russian and Slavonic languages and literature as L.A. Bulakhovs’kyi, M.M. Bazhenov, O.M. Finkel, B.P. Besiedina-Nevzorova, G. I. Skliarevs’ky. Later their pupils joined the Department staff, among them there are Professor Bykova L.O, Professor Shyrokorad Ye. Kh., Assistant Professor Boiko N.V., Assistant Professor Marynchak V.A., Assistant Professor Tkachenko Ye. M., Professor Sheveliev V.M., Assistant Professor Savchenko L.R., Assistant Professor Smyrnova T.M., Assistant Professor Karnaushenko G.N., Assistant Professor Cherntsova O.V., Assistant Professor Pedchenko L.V.

The Department trains future philologists, the secondary school, gymnasium, lyceum teachers in the Russian Language Speciality and provides learning of the Russian language in the synchronistic and diachronic aspects. Historic disciplines comprise Old Slavonic and History of the Russian Language. The Contemporary Russian Language discipline includes Phonetics, Lexicology, Morpheme Studies and Word Formation, Morphology, Syntax. Functional types of the Russian language are studied during the courses of Dialectology, Basic Speech Standards and Stylistics. Connections of the Russian language and its typological features are studied during the courses of the Polish and Bulgarian Languages. Deeper study of the Slavonic languages and other Slavonic nationalities, their culture and history is conducted during the following courses: Introduction to Slavonic Philology, and Contemporary Ukrainian Language. The Department offers to the students specialized courses which topics vary but the general direction remains urgent: this is either the advanced study of separate, complicated topics of the general courses or acquaintance with new achievements in the field of the Russian language, or the historiography exploration connected with the development of the scientific thought at Kharkiv National University during the 200 years of its existence.

Since 2004 the Department has begun training specialists in Publishing and Editing. That’s why it teaches such disciplines as Proofreading, Practical Stylistics of the Russian and Ukrainian Languages, Editing (general course), Orthography and others. Under the guidance of the Department staff the students undergo practical training in Proofreading in prominent publishing houses of the city.

Nowadays the subject matter and directions of scientific research of the Department staff are related to the topic ‘The Russian Language as an Object of the Comparative Historical, Linguo-culturological, Cognitive and Sociolinguistic Study’.

The Department provides postgraduate study. 8 postgraduate students are being prepared for teaching the Russian language in higher education establishments. They also enhance research achievements of the Department. One of the ways of the guidance of postgraduate study is a scientific seminar. 4 defended Candidate of Philological Science degree theses are evidence of the successful guidance, the other 2 are to be defended.

The results of the research work of the Department staff are represented in the monographs, numerous articles and reports at the conferences of different levels (in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Voronezh, Kyiv, Yalta, Zhytomyr and others). Among the latest publications there is the following: Marynchak V.A. Intentional Study of Value Semantics in Fiction Texts. – Kharkiv: Folio, 2004. – 287 p.

The Department cooperates with secondary schools (No11, No54, Protopopivsk School of the 1st – 3rd levels), gymnasiums, lyceums (No89), takes part in the preparation and holding of the regional competitions in the Russian language for pupils.

The teachers of the Department have issued a number of schoolbooks and workbooks for secondary school: 555 Exercises on the Russian Language / edited by Bykova L.A. – Moscow: Isdat-shkola, 1997. Tkachenko Ye.M. The Contemporary Russian Language. Punctuation: Rules, Exercises, Dictations. Vol.1. The Schoolbook for Students and Senior Pupils. – Moscow: Ileksa, 2000. Shevelev V.M. The Russian Orthography. – Tomsk, 1999. Shevelev V.M., Sheveleva L.A. Russian Spelling: Practical Work. – Kharkiv: Mir Detstva, 2000. Shevelev V.M., Datsenko V.M. The Russian Language: Collected Dictations for the 5-11 grades Pupils. – Kharkiv: Mir Detstva, 2000 and others.

The scholars of the Department constantly maintain creative contacts with the experts in the Russian language and literature in Austria, Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Belarus, and People’s Republic of China.

  • Head of the Department
    candidate of Philology, associate professor
    Lyudmyla V. Pedchenko
    Phone: 707-53-57