Department of surgical diseases, operative surgery and topographic anatomy

Department of surgical diseases, operative surgery and topographic anatomy was founded on the 1st of February 2012, as a basic educational institution of surgery for foreign students. The department is headed since its inception by Belozorov Igor Victorovich, professor, MD.

The Department consists of 4 professors, 4 MDs, 10 associate professors, 10 Ph.Ds, 6 assistants, laboratory assistants.

Scientific-methodical work of the department Employees of the Department develop educational and training materials on various topics of educational courses – "Operative surgery and topographic anatomy" (Russian and English), "General Surgery" (English), "Surgical Pathology" (English), "Nursing Practice" (English), "Care of patients" (English), "Urology" (English), "Ophthalmology" (English), "Neurosurgery" (Russian and English), "Otorhinolaryngology" (English), "Dentistry" (Russian and English), "Cardio-vascular Surgery"(English), "Pharmacology" (English). The department also participate in professional international and interregional conferences, symposiums, congresses, conventions, held in Ukraine, CIS countries and abroad. All employees of the department are working in the clinic «Institute of General and Emergency Surgery of NAMS of Ukraine», whose director is Professor Boyko V.V. In all disciplines is provided an independent work of students at clinical sites. In addition to the issues in the program, students are offered the task independently handle new scientific reports with further processing of the material in a multimedia demonstration. During independent work lecturers provide students with advice and recommendations for design work. The department all lecture material taught involving multimedia technology and other modern auxiliary equipment. The educational process has the following active learning, as a brief abstract of the report on the most important topics, new classifications, methods of research and recommendations for the treatment of diseases of the practical skills individually with each student on practical exercises.

List of courses, case plans, programs The department training courses are taught in English and Russian: "General Surgery", "Surgical Pathology", "Operative surgery and topographic anatomy", "Urology", "Ophthalmology", "Otorhinolaryngology", "Dentistry", "Pharmacology", "Nursing Practice", "Care of patients", "Cardio-vascular surgery", "Neurosurgery", "Traumatology", "Oncology", "Emergency conditions".

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