Department of Psychiatry, Narcology, Neurology and Medical Psychology

The Department of Psychiatry, Narcology, Neurology and Medical Psychology was established at 2012.

Teaching staff: 3 MD, professor, 12 associate professors, PhD, 17 assistant lecturers.

Educational activity: all the courses of the department are provided with working programs, thematic plans, methodic instructions and tasks (including tests) for current and final monitoring of knowledge according to the requirments of ECTS. Whole lecturing materials are taught by the instrumentality of multimedia equipment and other secondary equipment. Teachers constantly create and use in practice electronic versions of educational materials. Educational process includes such forms of learning activity as abstract on the most urgent topics, new classifications, methods of research and treatment recommendations of neuropsychiatric and drug abuse disorders; clinical discussion of complex and rare cases. All disciplines provide independent work of students at clinical bases. The department operates student scientific society, students who are actively involved in the science department and implementation of local, national and international scientific conferences.

The department has the Student Scientific Society, whose students actively participate in scientific work of the department and holding of local, national and international scientific conferences.

The Department conducts seminars and lectures on the courses:

  • «Psychiatry and Narcology»
  • «Neurology»
  • «Medical Psychology»
  • «Bases of Psychology and Pedagogics»
  • «Bases of Social Psychology»
  • «Psychology of Communication»
  • «Deontology in Medicine»
  • «History of Medicine»

The main tasks and directions of department research activity are:

  • research of pathogenesis of comorbid pathology in patients of neurological, psychiatric and narcological profile;
  • research of the topical issues of Adolescent Psychiatry, Narcology and Neurology;
  • research of the topical issues of Psychiatry, Narcology and Neurology of elderly patients;
  • development of new methods of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of patients of neurological, psychiatric and narcological profile;
  • development of new methods to prevent disoders of neurological, psychiatric and narcological profile, as well as the newest methods of re- socialization of patients with such disorders;
  • development of students` research activity.

Scientific achievements of the department (patents, publications, conferences)

The department staff are the authors of over 850 publications in national and international periodicals and editions, including 8 monographs, 21 rational suggestions, 1 innovation, 72 manuals for students of medical Universities, internship doctors and general practitioners, 22 guidelines for students and internship doctors, 32 certificate of authorship and 12 patents of Ukraine for utility model, co-authors of 2 textbooks.

Department staff annually participate in scientific conferences, congresses, conventions that take place in Ukraine, CIS countries and abroad.

Advisory activity: department staff advises patients in health care facilities of Kharkiv region on the specialties: Psychiatry, Narcology, Neurology, Psychotherapy, Sexual Pathology and Medical Psychology.

At the moment by the guidance of the head of the department, MD, professor V. I. Ponomaryov 1 MD and 12 PhD dissertations are being accomplished.

Clinical bases of the department are: Military Medical Clinical Centre of Northern region, Kharkiv Regional Clinical Narcological Hospital, the 1st Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital.