Department of management and administration

24 lecturers, among them 6 Doctors of Sciences (Economics) and 14 PhDs (Economics), work at the department. Victoria P. Tretiak, Doctor of Sciences (Economics), associate professor, is head of the department.

Department of Management and Administration prepares professionals who are fluent in both the latest and fundamental management methods, are able to use appropriate tools for solving specific management tasks.

Department of Management and Administration prepares domestic and foreign students of the first (Bachelor) level of education in specialities 073 «Management» and 076 «Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activities». Within the second (Master) level of education, speciality 073 «Management» is divided into two specialities «Management» and «Management in Healthcare», and specialty 076 «Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activities» suggests such specialisations as «Entrepreneurship», «Agribusiness» and «Entrepreneurship and IT-Law».

Department of Management and Administration also carries out a program for higher education students of the third (educational-scientific) level for obtaining a degree of PhD in «Management». Nine postgraduate students are studying at the department.

Department of Management and Administration has competitive advantages of its educational programs as it applies modern educational technologies and participates in real projects of commercial and public organizations, government agencies, and grant programs. Educational programs also include practical training and seminars with leading specialists and mentors of business. The entire educational process at Karazin Business School is provided with state-of-the-art interactive materials, up-to-date classrooms, advanced and relevant software support.

World-famous practitioners are invited to teach professionally oriented disciplines. These specialists actively combine scientific work with practical activities thus providing students with the opportunity to acquire both scientific and practical knowledge and skills. Erasmus + mobility is also implemented, all students participate in special seminars with students participating in Erasmus + program. The department also provides Mini-MBA programs which are carried out on the basis of ERI «Karazin Business School».

The department carries out research work on the topic «Factors and preconditions of social and economic development of Ukraine: spatial, organizational, administrative and value dimensions».

As part of research work, graduate students of the department conduct research in the following areas:

  • management and planning of economic development of territorial communities;
  • management and provision of socio-economic development of the territories;
  • planning of the development of network type institutions in the region;
  • management of spatial development of the Ukrainian economy;
  • management of non-conflict development of territories in conditions of decentralization;
  • energy resources factors of the management of economic development in the region;
  • regulation of the development of the investment environment in Ukraine;
  • integration of Ukraine’s corporate sector into European space;
  • management of business processes in the field of pharmaceutical services;
  • mechanisms for the formation of innovative regional development strategies.

Lecturers of the department carry out active scientific activity, take part in scientific conferences, and publish the results of scientific research in leading professional editions, monographs.

Much attention is paid to the regular training of lecturers and staff of the department, including international programs: «Development of University Administrations and Democratic Principles in University Self-Governance», «Construction and Innovation of Study Programmes According to ECTS and Implementing of Quality Management», «Mobility of Students and Academic Staff at Palacky University in Olomouc» (the Czech Republic); and the program of the International Society of Engineering Pedagogy (IGIP) (Austria), etc.

Contact information:

1, Myronosytska str., Kharkiv, 61002 floor 1, room 106, Education and Research Institute «Karazin Business School»