German Philology and Translation Department

The department of German Philology and Translation (formerly referred to as the Department of German Philology) was set up in 1960. Efficient specialist training is secured by high standards of teaching German. The department features well-qualified staff and is headed by Viktor P. Kryvenko, PhD (Philology), Associate Professor.

The department includes 10 Associate Professors with the PhD degree (Maryna I. Hrytsenko, Dmytro O. Danylchenko, Pavlo M. Donets’, Olesia Y. Malaya, Viktor P. Kryvenko, Svitlana I. Kryvoruchko, Maryna Y. Miroshnychenko, Natalya A. Onishchenko, Svitlana I. Sotnikova, Yury K. Chuchko), 1 DLett, Full Professor Lilia R. Bezuhla; 2 DLett, part-time Full Professors Vladyslav I. Hoverdovskyi, Lidia S. Pikhtovnikova.

The Department of German Philology and Translation provides training specialists in the German language and German literature with an expected employment as teachers, translators and interpreters.

Within four years of study students get fundamental higher education (Major: German Language and literature) and are awarded a BA degree in Philology. The instruction is administered full-time and part-time. Having completed 5 years of study, graduating students get full higher education (Major: Language and Literature, Translation (Interpretation) and are awarded a MA or a Specialist degree alongside with the qualification of “Philologist, Teacher of the German language and literature, Teacher of the English language, Translator (Interpreter)”. Part-time studies also lead to MA or Specialist degrees. The Chinese language as a major was also introduced at the Department of German Philology and Translation in 2008-2009.

The department actively pursues different venues of research. The staff embrace the ideas of various scientific schools, but the overwhelming majority represents the School of Cognitive Pragmalinguistics in the research field of cognitive-pragmatic characteristics of German dialogical discourse (L. R. Bezuhla, O. M. Babich, S. I. Kryvoruchko, N. V. Hovorukha, O. Y. Malaya, I. M. Panchenko). Younger instructors have significantly boosted their research activity. This is proved by regular reports at conferences of all ranks as well as by the publication of a large number of articles. The staff includes 5 full-time post-graduates, all the younger instructors are engaged in research, among them: O. V. Abrosimova, O. M. Babich, N. V. Hovorukha, B. M. Yevtushenko, S. I. Kryvoruchko and M. Y. Maltseva.

  • Head of the Department
    PhD (Philology), Associate Professor
    Victor P. Kryvenko
    Phone: 707-53-43