English Philology Department

The history of the English Philology Department is one of the oldest at the faculty. It has existed since the creation of Kharkiv Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages in 1930.

The main goal of studying at the Department of English Philology – education that combines fundamental theoretical and advanced skills of international communication that are oriented towards the new socio-economic development of our country. English department curricula are based on the fundamental disciplines, that coupled with the substantial practical training, enables one to create an advanced professional.

Today the staff of the department consists of 29 employees. That includes 1 professor: (V.O. Samokhina) 4 doctors of philology: (S.O. Shvachko, I.S. Shevchenko, O.I. Morozova, L.V. Soloshchuk) 7 associate professors: (E.V. Bondarenko, I.I. Morozova, E.G. Papovyants, A.V. Yarkho, O.O. Chornovol-Tkachenko, A. I. Bartasheva, A.K. Kutoyan) 2 candidates: (E.M. Blagodarna, V.V. Kukushkin). There is a school of post-graduate education, where post-graduates study. For the last 10 years starting with the year of 2000, 7 members of the department presented their PhD theses. The scientific field, that the Chair members make their scientific insight into, embraces such areas as theoretical problems of functional-communicative stylistics of the text; cognitive linguistics, discourse analysis; non-verbal aspects of communication; linguofolkloristics, etc.

V.O. Samokhina, O.I. Morozova, I.S. Shevchenko, L.V. Soloshchuk, Y.V. Bondarenko, A. I. Bartasheva, I.I. Morozova, A.V. Yarho, E.G. Papovyants, O.M. Blagodarna and A.K. Kutoyan are actively involved in the scientific work of the department. O.V. Shpak, I.Y. Nabokova and S.A. Virotchenko are finishing writing their PhD theses. Every year the staff of the Department publish numerous scientific articles and theses, take an active part in scientific conferences held at Vasyl’ Karazin Kharkiv National Univerisity, as well as other universities in Ukraine, maintain scientific contact with both the leading Ukrainian and international universities. Our staff have repeatedly received various grants for conducting research in international academic institutions. The Department has signed agreements with 16 higher educational establishments in Ukraine. English Philology Department is proud of its graduates – skilled specialists who have successfully been employed in various institutions of Ukraine. Among them – highly qualified teachers who work at universities and institutes, colleges and schools; officials, leading researchers, managers of firms in Ukraine and abroad, well known artists, journalists and translators.

The department provides the teaching of such subjects as the practical course of the English language, Theoretical grammar, Lexicology, Stylistics, The history of the English literature, Introduction to Germanic studies, British and American studies, The history of the English literature. At the department of the English philology special courses related to major areas of the future employment of graduates are taught, namely: The theory of communication, World image. After four years of studies, students receive basic higher education degree in Language and Literature (English) and the bachelor’s degree in Philology. After a five-year course graduates get a complete higher education in “Language and Literature (English)” and also get the Master’s degree. Advanced scientific, methodological capabilities and professionalism of the Department philological staff allows to provide a quality preparation of foreign languages specialists, who on receiving such university qualifications: “Philologist, the teacher of the English language and literature, the Teacher of German (French, Spanish, Chinese), the interpreter”. Students are encouraged and given the opportunities to learn more languages.

  • Head of the Department
    Doctor of Letters (Philology), Full Professor
    Victoria O. Samokhina
    Phone: 707-55-04