English Language Department

English language department was founded in 1961. There are 32 lecturers, 4 laboratory assistants and 4 assistant professors among them: Valentina O. Uzhyk, Zoya M. Lypko, Irina A. Tkalya, Viktoria M. Serdiuk.

“English for specific purposes” is taught to about 4 000 students of 17 faculties and to 200 postgraduate students and applicants for PhD degrees. The teachers create a lot of original text-books and other methodological materials for new specialities in psychology, philosophy, sociology, ecology, law etc. Great attention is paid to scientific work. All the teacher carry out investigation in different fields: lexicology, gender studies, psychology, pedagogics, suggestology, etc.

Two seminars help teachers to improve their skills: a scientific-methodological seminar and a “Young Teacher Seminar”. The students are involved into out-class activity in English: olympiads, competitions, conferences, concerts.

  • Olga O. Polotska
    Head of the Department
    PhD (Philology), Associate professor
    Olga O. Polotska

    Phone: 707-53-50
    Address: Svobody sq., 4, Kharkov, 61022
    Office: 10-10