Marketing and Management of foreign economic Department

The Department trains specialists and professionals in two specialities of the educational and qualificational levels of Bachelor (4 years of studies) and Master (1 year of studies on the basis of Bachelor): Bachelor of Marketing, Master of Marketing; Bachelor of Management (with professional orientation in Management of Foreign Economic Activity) and Master of Management of Foreign Economic Activity, manager-economist.

The Department gives postgraduate courses in Economics and Management of Enterprises. Educational process is combined with scientific work of lecturers, postgraduates and students. Qualification training gives students an opportunity to work as economists or manager-economists. Students of Management course pass a state examination in a foreign language and get a corresponding mark in the diploma appendix.

The profile training of students starts from the first year of studies depending on the selected speciality. Professional assignments of bachelors consist of special works in which regulations and methods of corresponding sciences are applied. Professional assignments of masters consist of enriching the existing fund (volume) of knowledge, application of certain concepts, theories and methods in solving of certain problems and systematized lay-out of corresponding disciplines in full volume.

Among the lecturers of the Department, there are 2 doctors of Economics and 7 candidates of Economics, associate professors. The Department is headed by Viktoria O. Yevtushenko, PhD (Economics), Associate Professor.

  • Head of the Department
    PhD (Economics), Associate Professor
    Viktoria A. Yevtushenko

    Phone: 707-52-95
    Address: Mironosyts'ka str., 1, Kharkov, 61002
    Office: 3-8