Finance and Credit Department

The Department was founded in 1966. Since then it has graduated over 3,500 specialists. All of them successfully work in finance, banking and internal revenue service, in productive associations, insurance and investment companies, state and commercial enterprises.

The Department offers postgraduate courses and has a specialized council for conferring candidate's degrees in Finance, Money Circulation and Credit.

Lecturers of top qualification work at the Department, including 2 full professors with doctor's degrees in Economics and 12 associate professors with candidate's degrees in Economics; 3 senior lecturers and 4 lecturers. Since 1966 the Department was headed by a corresponding member of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences, professor P.I. Verba. At present the head of the Department is V.V. Glushchenko, full professor, doctor of Economics, an academician of the International Academy of Computer Science and Technology. Talented young specialists who have research and practical work experience are engaged in the academic process at the Department.

Students of the Department can graduate with basic higher education and qualification of Bachelor of Finance and Credit (normative term for full-time and part-time studies is 4 years), complete higher education and qualification of Specialist of Finance and Credit or Specialist of Banking (normative term for part-time studies is 5 years, for second degree – 2,5 years), complete higher education and qualification of Master of Finance or Master of Banking (normative term for full-time studies is 1 year on the basis of Bachelor of Finance and Credit, for part-time studies – 1,5 years on the basis of Bachelor of Finance and Credit).

  • Head of the Department
    Doctor of Sciences (Economics), Full Professor
    Victor V. Hlushchenko
    Phone: 707-54-99