Econimic Theory and Economic Management Methods Department

Economic Theory was one of the first degree opportunities offered at the School of Economics.

Students majoring in Economic Theory obtain fundamental knowledge in Economic Theory and Mathematics, Economic History and History of Economic Studies, Statistics, Finance and other subjects. It has become regular practice to engage American and Canadian lecturers in the academic process at the School. Great attention is paid to teaching foreign languages and computer science. There are students' societies at the School that hold contests for the best students' projects.

The Department of Economic Theory is one of the best in Ukraine. Its faculty includes 12 doctors of science, 6 associate professors, 8 candidates of Economic Science and 2 senior lecturers. The Department is headed by full professor A.A. Hrytsenko, doctor's degree in Economics. Such highly qualified faculty trains specialists in full accordance with the modern standards. The Department trains specialists of top qualification. It annually provides courses for 17-20 postgraduates.

It is no wonder that the School's graduates become Ministers and Deputy Ministers, chairmen of the Verhovna Rada committees, directors of the leading institutes. Graduates of the Department are the core of the best faculty at economic departments of the Right-Bank Ukraine. Many graduates also apply their theoretical knowledge to practical work in Economics: they direct banks, work at manufacturing enterprises, insurance and investment companies, state and private organizations.

  • Head of the Department
    Doctor of Sciences (Economics), Full Professor
    Andriy A. Hritsenko

    Phone: 707-55-50
    Address: Mironosyts'ka str., 1, Kharkov, 61002
    Office: 3-7