Environmental Monitoring and Management

Web site: http://ecomonitoring.karazin.ua

The Department of Environmental Monitoring and Management founded in 2007 provides training in BS programs in the majors: Ecology, Environmental Protection and Balanced Environment Management, and Labor Protection, and in MS and SS programs in the speciality: Ecology and Environmental Protection.

The Department faculty comprises one doctor of sciences, a full professor, and five PhDs, associate professors.

Disciplines taught at the Department:

  • Meteorology and climatology
  • General Hydrology
  • Landscape study
  • Ecology of Production and Non-Production spheres
  • Soil Monitoring
  • Ecolaw
  • Setting of Norms for Anthropogenic Load on Natural Environment
  • Management Organization in Ecological Activities
  • Nature Protection Inspection
  • Cartographic Method in Ecology
  • Environmental Forecasting and Modeling
  • Environmental Safety
  • Environmental Safety Management
  • Environmental Meteorology and Climatology
  • Landscape Ecology
  • Environmental Demography
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Foundations of Ecological Risk
  • Modern Methods of Ecological Risk Definition
  • Theory of Catastrophes
  • Experimental Research Planning
  • Balanced Agrosphere Management Techniques
  • Workshop 1

Faculty members of the Department supervise internships.

Organizations and institutions of Ukraine serve as bases for students’ internships. These are mostly state boards/departments on natural environmental management and state environmental inspections in oblasts of Ukraine, the Research Institute «O. N. Sokolovsky Institute for Soil Science and Agrochemistry», the Ukrainian Research Institute of Environmental Problems, etc.

Research conducted at the Department covers the following areas:

  • environmental monitoring of environment components and complexes;
  • analysis of environment fractal properties;
  • agroecology;
  • environmental meteorology and ecology of atmospheric air.

The Department organizes an annual conference All-Ukrainian Scientific Taliev Readings at V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. The materials of the conference are published in the Environment Protection compendium of articles.

Faculty members of the Department are actively engaged in career-oriented activities such as:

  • preparing Open House Days, Alumni Day,
  • work in the Minor Academy of Sciences with gifted schoolchildren,
  • acting as the jury members in school contests of scientific works and competitions,
  • giving lectures at the «School of a Young Environmentalist».