Ecology and Neoecology Department

History of department

Department of Ecology and Neoecology was established in 2007 simultaneously with the creation of the University environment. The Department is the successor of the Department pf Geoecology and constructive Geography of Geology and Geography school, which gave rise to the creation of a new environmental department. Founder was Dr. Geographical Sciences, Honoured Scientist of Ukraine, Volodymyr Y. Nekos.

Teachers and teaching

The department has three professors with academic degree of doctor of geographical sciences prof. Anatoly Gritsenko, prof. Ivan Levitsky, prof. Volodumur Moskovkin, 5 associate professors, including the scientific degree of Candidate of Geographical Sciences, and Ph.D. candidate of agricultural sciences. All 23 people on the department faculty, researchers, teaching and support staff, graduate and doctoral students.

The department has a postgraduate training. Ability to doctoral and master's theses available in the Scientific Council for the award of the degree of Doctor and Candidate of Geographical Sciences, specialty 11.00.11 - Constructive geography and rational use of natural resources. From personal one third of the council are the specialists of the Department of Ecology and Neoecology.

The Department are 3 schools under the guidance of professors, doctors. To work within the schools of scientists involved – leading specialists in the industry, employees of government control in the field of environmental control and protection, representatives of NGO, students.

Prof. Ivan Levitsky very demanding, but with a good sense of humor

Teaching staff to teach 50 subjects to educationally-qualifying levels "Bachelor", "Specialist" and "Master". Direction 6.040106 Ecology, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources. Specialty training 8.040106 Ecology and Environmental Protection "

Statutory discipline Bachelor
the direction of "Ecology, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Use of Nature"
  1. Geology and geomorphology of the basics
  2. Pedology.
  3. Ecology and Neoecology
  4. Monitoring of air
  5. Ecological expertise
  6. Reserved business
  7. Balanced of nature and recourses
  8. Natural-resource potential of Ukraine
  9. BC
  10. Tehnoekology
  11. Protection of safety
  12. Basis if the profession
  13. Geochemical of Environment
  14. Ecology of urban systems
  15. Environmental Engineering
Selective discipline Bachelo
the direction of "Ecology, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Use of Nature"
  1. Scientific-practical seminar "Security and protection in emergencies"
  2. Scientific workshop on teaching about the environment
  3. Scientific-methodical seminar on the general ecology and neoecology
  4. Environmental geology of the basics of environmental geomorphology
  5. Soil Ecology
  6. Agricultural ecology
  7. Fundamentals of environmental business
  8. Ecotourism
  9. International environmental law
  10. Geoecological problems in Ukraine
  11. Air cleaning equipment
  12. Expert assessments
Statutory discipline specialist training
in "Ecology and Environment"
  1. Environmental Management and Auditing
  2. Environmental standards and certification
  3. Phyto reclamation
  4. Optimization of Natural Resources
Selective discipline specialist training
in "Ecology and Environment"
  1. System approach to environmental research
  2. International Development global disaster prevention and sustainable future
  3. Natural Alternative
  4. Energy-saving technologies
  5. Scientific workshop - 4
Statutory training discipline master
in "Ecology and Environment"
  1. Pedagogy and Psychology Higher School
  2. Philosophical problems in ecology
  3. Environmental Management and Auditing
  4. The modern concept of nature
  5. Systems theory in ecology
  6. Optimization of Natural Resources
Selective training discipline master
in "Ecology and Environment"
  1. Urban ecology
  2. Environmental standards and certification
  3. Theoretical problems of neoecology
  4. Methodology and organization of research
  5. Methods of test control
  6. Scientific workshop - 4

Training is conducted through the budget and contract. There is a full-time and extramural studies. In the course students have the opportunity to choose subjects who wish to study. Students are given the opportunity to undergo military training (on a contract basis), after which they receive the title of reserve officers.

Training practices are held in Kharkiv, Crimea and the Carpathians. Students have practical in a variety of organizations and institutions for the choice of students in Ukraine and abroad.

Graduates are fundamental higher environmental education. After mastering the content of teaching in the direction of “Ecology, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Use of Nature" within 4 years of study graduates receive a bachelor's degree. Master's program for 1 year of training allows you to get a Masters of Environment and the right to work as a manager in public institutions and private enterprises, public administration and local government in environmental protection, to engage in research and teaching.

Scientific research and international cooperation

The most successful cooperation with the Department by the St. Petersburg State University (Russia), Scientific Research Centre of ecological security of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia), Central European University (Hungary), Institute of Technological Education (Greece), Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Amsterdam (Holland) International group of geographic information systems (Italy), University of Natural Resources and Applied Sciences (Austria), Belarusian State University (Belarus), Moldova State University (Moldova), as well as many other universities and research centers.

At this period the department implemented the project Tempus "Improving education in environmental management”.

Working meeting for Tempus project at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Sciences (Vienna, Austria, May 2010)

Priority areas of the department

  • training for the needs of Ukraine and other countries in ecology, environmental protection and sustainable natural resource management;
  • organization and coordination of integrated research and development in the field of ecology, environmental protection and sustainable natural resource management;
  • strategy for further development of new areas of environmental training at the University and its methodological support;
  • creation and deployment of distance learning using modern information technologies;
  • training on the basis of completed secondary education with basic higher education (BA);
  • preparation of the basic higher education professionals with a complete higher education (specialist, master);
  • training of specialists in the prescribed manner with the second higher education, (or retraining of specialists with complete higher education);
  • training in the prescribed manner highly qualified to award degrees and PhD candidate of geographical sciences;
  • providing training professionals with a complete higher education and a second higher education;
  • coordinating training and Masters in ecology between the faculties of the university;
  • vorganization of international cooperation in training and in carrying out complex scientific research;
  • cultural, educational, methodological, educational, publishing, financial and economic work.

  • Head of the Department
    PhD (Geography), Associate Professor
    Anna V. Titenko
    Phone: 707-54-47