Information Technologies Center

Information technologies center established on 2007 in the Computer Science Department as its structure department of innovative direction.

Financing of the Center is provided with funds received from rendering paid services.

The activities of the center in accordance with the provision provided in the following ways.

1. Raising the level of computer literacy of students and university staff, as well as high school students through the organization of training courses on information technology.

2. International certification of the Information Technology specialists by providing authorized training centers of the leading IT-companies.

3. Providing other services that are not inconsistent with applicable law.

As part of the center work:

  • programming courses (С/С++);
  • local Cisсo academy of the international certification of network technologies specialists;
  • improvement qualification courses for headers and organizations and institutions employers in the area of the using of ionizing radiation (as a part of HTI).

Телефон: 707-50-22; 705-42-83

  • Head of center
    Anatoly N. Pavlov

    Phone: 707-50-22
    Address: Svobody sq., 6, Kharkov, 61022