Inorganic Chemistry Department

The independent existence Department of Inorganic Chemistry began in 1894, however it continued some time to be called as "branch" of Department of Chemistry. In different years on Department such known professors as V.F.Timofeev, G. I. Petrenko, L.S. Palatnik, the pupils of  M.A.Izmajlova O.M.Shkodin and E.F.Ivanova.

Nowadays the Department teaches students of the Faculty of Chemistry suggesting the following general courses: «Inorganic chemistry», «Inorganic synthesis», «Chemistry of crystalls», «Molecular modelling», «Chemistry of crystalls and the X-ray analysis of structure», «Bioorganic chemistry», «Chemistry of atmosphere», «Metodology of teaching Chemistry in the higher school», «Metodology of teaching Chemistry». For the last 10 years variety of the newest special courses focused on active use of computer modelling and methods of theoretical chemistry in scientific researches and educational process were introduced, in particular «Mathematics for chemists», «MD simulations of condensed soft matter», «Statistical Mechanics of fluids», «Dynamics and interparticle interactions in ion-molecular systems».

The Department prepares experts behind specialisation «Inorganic Chemistry»; it also participates in training experts in two more specialities, "Pharmaceutical chemistry" and "Computational chemistry and molecular design".

Scientific researches of Department are co-ordinated by Scientific Councils of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine on Inorganic Chemistry and Electrochemistry and is concentrated in the following directions:

  • interpartical interactions, structure and dynamics in molecular and an ion-molecular systems in the bulk and in carbon nano-tubes;
  • development of electrolyte solutions for Li-ion batteries and supercapacitors;
  • synthesis of nanodispers ceramics on a basis hydrohyapatite for orthopedic implants;
  • synthesis and properties of scintillation materials;
  • quantum-chemical modelling and structure of new functional materials.

Cooperation with the advanced scientific institutions of Russia, Germany,Great Britain and USA stimulated creation and development for the first time in Ukraine new a scientific direction "Molekular Dynamics simulations of liquid ion-molecular of systems". In the framework of this direction the unique packages of programs for MD simulations MDNAES and MDCNT were created under the supervision of Dr. O.N. Kalugin.

Fellows of the Department are authors of several textbooks and monographs, and also numerous scientific papers in domestic and foreign periodic professional editions and journals.

The Department have participated in organizing the following international conferences and seminars: “Modern Physical Chemistry for Advanced Materials”, “Chemical Education in the XXI Century: Challenges and Perspectives”, “Dynamics and Structure in Physics and Chemistry”, “Modern Problems of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry of Solutions”. The Department annually conducts the All-Ukrainian Science Conference “Karazin Chemistry Readings”.

The Head of Department is DSc, Professor Ivan Nikolaevich Vjunnik. Other fellows On are deputy director STC "Institute for Sigle Crystalls" NAS of Ukraine DSc Oleg Valerievich Shishkin and the Head of Department scintillation materials of this institute DSc Victor Leonidovich Cherginets; PhD, senior lecturers O.N. Kalugin, V.G. Panchenko, A.G. Nikolajchuk, S.M. Kijko, Ya.V. Kolesnik, V.G. Kolesnikov, senior teacher T.V. Chernozhuk and assistant E.V.Lukinova; the laboratory manager L. A. Shosholik, engineers L.I. Shatn’ova, V.V. Urzhuntseva, T.L.Abrosimov, V.Yu.Dubovitska.

Annually on the Department work over their dissertations of 3-5 post-graduate students and some candidates for PhD degree.

  • Head of the Department
    Doctor of Sciences (Chemistry), Full Professor
    Ivan M. Vyunyk
    Phone: 707-54-83