Applied Chemistry Department

The main objective of the Department of Applied Chemistry is to educate students as chemists capable of conducting research in different areas of modern theoretical chemistry. Education process and research in the priority fields of modern chemistry are the main areas of the department activity. Since 1994 the department is supervised by docent, Ph.D. A.M. Zholnovach. The members of the department are professors: V.A. Starodub and V.O. Cheranovskii;  docents: A.V. Kravchenko, A.P. Krasnopyorova, Yu.M. Horoshevskii, and A.V. Chernyj; senior lecturers: D.V.Ziolkovsky, O.B.Bobok, P.V.Efimov and Т.М. Starodub.

Principal areas of the research work

1. Theoretical study of strongly correlated electron systems like nanostructured magnetic materials (prof. V.O.Cheranovskii). This research is based on the combination of analytical and numerical methods of solid state quantum chemistry and quantum theory of low-dimensional magnetism. Some unusual low-temperature properties of the nanomaterials with chain and ladder magnetic sublattices were predicted.

2. Synthesis and study of low-dimensional molecular crystals and synthetic metals (prof. V.A. Starodub, docent  A.V. Kravchenko, Ph.D. D.V. Ziolkovsky , Ph.D. T.M.Starodub). Al of these materials are highly anisotropic molecular substances with unique electro-physical properties - synthetic metals, superconductors and semiconductors. They are created on the base of charge-transfer complexes, ion-radical salts, organometallic and coordination compounds. Besides synthetic works, these materials are studying by means of quantum mechanical calculations and variety of physical methods of research. The practical applications of the research are also realized. These works are performing in cooperation with known research centers of Western Europe – Institute of Molecular Physics of Polish Academy of Sciences, Poznan, Poland and Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Коshice, Slovakia.

3. The development of the research approaches and practical use of chemosorption processes in ion-exchange materials (doc. Yu. M. Horoshevskii). This research is based on the methodology of the study of equilibriums in low-molecular weight electrolyte solutions proposed by prof. M.P. Komar and his scientific school. In order to get better practical results, these research approaches are developed and improved.

4. The study of solvatation processes and complex formation in the solutions (doc. O.M. Zholnovach, doc. A.P.Krasnoporova, doc. A.V.Chernyj, and senior lecturer P.V.Efimov). This topic includes the development of experimental and theoretical methods of determination of transport and thermodynamic properties of solutions. Besides, polythermal study of solubility, thermodynamic characteristics of ions, their mobility and association processes in non-water and mixed solutions.   Theoretical calculations and modeling of the effects of ionic solvatation and association are carried out. The methods of studying of environment effect on the metal ion complex formation processes with macrocyclic ligands and their analogues are developed.

The teaching is the important part of work of the department. Today the department provides such courses as «Quantum chemistry», «Coordination compounds chemistry» «Physical methods of the research», «Quantum biochemistry», «the Introduction to a specialty». These courses are developed by recognized experts in corresponding areas - prof. V.O.Starodub, prof. V.O.Cheranovskii and docent A.V.Kravchenko. The department completely provides specialization “The chemical control of environment” for students of 4 and 5 courses and partially new specialization “Computer chemistry and molecular design”.

Training of students of non-chemical specialties in general and inorganic chemistry on biological, geology-geographical, ecological, radio-physics faculties and at the faculty of fundamental medicine is other important part of the education process.

Memebers of the department published more than 10 textbooks and numerous manuals. Many scientific articles were accepted for publication in prestigious journals. Prof. V.O.Cheranovskii, prof. V.O.Starodub and doc. A.V. Kravchenko were nominated on the international and state research grants.

  • Head of the Department
    Doctor of Science (Chemistry), Full Professor
    Valentin A. Chebanov
    Phone: 707-55-70