Biology Research Station

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Biology research station is located in 50 km from Kharkov on the bank of Seversky Donetz river on the territory of National natural park “Homilshanski forests” (near Gaidary village, Zmiev district, Kharkiv region). This territory has no analogs in the region by the flora and fauna variety and richness. The majority of rare and disappearing plants are found here.

Biology research station was created by the initiative of famous botanician Volodymir Arnoldi in 1914. Since 1934 Biology research station has become the part of Kharkiv University. Since 1952 Biology research station has become the part of School of biology as the base for field practices. In 1974 Kharkiv University scientists initiated the creation of protected natural complex in the region of Biology research station. In 2004, taking into account the investigations carried in the Biology research station, the National natural park “Homilshanski forests” was founded.

Starting from 1980 Biological research station is one of the centers of scientific work with birds, ground squirrels, bats and many other vertebrates. Mycology investigations started from 1990. Biological research station has become the traditional base for scientific conferences and symposia.

For many years Biological research station is the base for educational practice of first and second year students of biological faculty. The main forms of the practice are thematic excursions with observation of fauna, collecting of botanical and mycological material, laboratory works, as well as writing and defending of short thesis on students’ scientific investigations.

  • Head of the Biology Research Station
    Karina A. Akimova

    Phone: 707-51-72, (8-247) 3-38-22
    Address: Svobody sq., 4, Kharkov, 61022
    Office: 4-24